‘New Girl’ star Lamorne Morris, astrologer Aliza Kelly, and more share stories on ‘Lovestruck Daily’

Society & Culture February 14, 2022
Lovestruck Daily
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iHeartPodcasts’ “Lovestruck Daily” is feeling the feels with real-life love stories. This series is hosted by recognized romance expert Sarah Wendell and Alisha Rai, a bestselling author of romance novels. Along with guests, the hosts chat about love and dating and share swoon-worthy stories. You’ll hear of forbidden love, OTPs, HEAs, second chances, candlelit dinners, steamy tales, and more.

The series started this February, with daily, weekday episodes running under 20 minutes on average. Start “Lovestruck Daily” in any order since the episodes are story-specific. You’ll hear stories of secret love letters, young lovers reuniting in their 90s, and love and attraction at first sight. What happens when a princess falls for a commoner? A date on Instagram live? Maybe.

On the first episode, Sarah and Alisha discussed astrology and were joined by celebrity astrologer Aliza Kelly. Aliza shared her work and if love is written in the stars. They recounted P. K. Mahanandia’s story, where he biked from India to Sweden to follow the prophesied love of his life. Aliza hosts the weekly podcast “Stars Like Us,” unpacking astrology, mythology, magic, and pop culture.

Love letters are an art form! Professor Leslie Hankins (English professor Cornell College, former president of the Virginia Woolf society), stopped by the second episode to discuss novelist Virginia Woolf and Vita Sackville-West’s love letter correspondence in the 1920s. Prof. Hankins unpacks their stories and shares Vita’s influence over Virginia’s work.

Lamorne Morris chatted about playing Winston on New Girl and how this role redefined romantic leading men in the 21st century. They discuss what it means to describe men as a “Winston.” Lamorne also starred in Valley of the Boom and Woke. He co-hosts the New Girl rewatch podcast with Zooey Deschanel and Hannah Simone, “Welcome to Our Show.”

Comedian Dahlya Glick and her boyfriend, Prit Roy, joined Sarah and Alisha for an episode all about first dates. Dahlya took diary-style notes on her phone after going on tons of dates and did not expect to fall for Prit. Prit shares he can count the number of dates he’s had on his fingers. In another episode, Sarah shared the spy love story of Jocelyne Harding, a Pan Am flight attendant who met CIA officer Tyler Harding. Behavioral scientist Logan Ury is a dating coach leading Hinge’s research team and will appear on a future episode.

Check out new episodes of “Lovestruck Daily” on weekdays, wherever you listen to your favorite shows.

Listen to ‘Lovestruck Daily’

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