‘Law & Order’ creators send U.S. Marshals on a manhunt in fictional series ‘Hunted’

Fiction February 27, 2022
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Dick Wolf, Wolf Entertainment, Endeavor Content, and the creators of Law & Order present “Hunted,” a fictional drama podcast following U.S. Marshals finding the most vicious group of fugitives. The story starts when four criminals break out of a South Texas prison, and Deputy Marshal Emily Barnes is called to lead the search. The characters embark on a terribly dangerous and violent mission, where their only choices are to hunt or be hunted.

Start “Hunted” at episode 1, and listen through to the 8th episode to hear the whole hair-raising chase. All episodes are under 25 minutes long, so it’s a quite bingeable series. As the show unfolds, fans of Law & Order will recognize the storytelling format, similar to the TV show, used in “Hunted.”

Episode 1 introduces listeners to Emily, voiced by Parker Posey, and Anthony Morra, played by Brandon Scott, just as the prisoners escaped. By the second episode, the fugitives are at-large, and Emily and Anthony are pressured to tighten their search. Episode 3 brings in another person of interest, and an additional investigation begins. Emily and Anthony face danger in the fourth episode and are within reach of the fugitives‘ hideout.

They’re thrown for a loop by episode 5 after receiving and following false leads. The fugitives get crafty and devise a distraction. In the 7th and 8th episodes, the U.S. Marshals are desperate, disobey top commands, and track down a new source of intel. There’s a standoff by the last episode, but does anyone make it out alive?

“Hunted” was directed by Shawn Christensen (“Blackout”) and produced by Jenny Radelet Mast (Marvel’s “Wolverine”). In addition to starring in this series, Parker has appeared in films like Dazed and Confused, Superman Returns, and Scream 3. Brandon’s acting credits include 13 Reasons Why, Dead to Me, and Grey’s Anatomy. Dick Wolf created and produced Law & Order.

Check out all episodes of “Hunted,” streaming now wherever you listen to your favorite podcasts.

Listen to ‘Hunted’

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