From Starbucks to Myspace, ‘Business Movers’ tells wild stories of the visionaries who risked it all for their brands

Business April 25, 2022
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For podcast fans, “Business Movers” is the ultimate crossover event. From the podcast network that brings us “Business Wars” and the host that brings to life “American History Tellers” and “American Scandal” comes a podcast about the brilliant yet unavoidably human businesspeople who risked it all for better or worse. The Wondery podcast network and Lindsay Graham have joined forces on this dramaticized podcast all about the triumphs, failures, scandals, and ideas that changed business forever.

“Business Movers” has been going strong since the end of 2020, having released nearly 80 episodes in that time. The podcast is made up of five-episode-long series, episodes themselves only being around 45 minutes a piece. The fifth episode of every series is an interview with authors who wrote about the people at the center of these series, sometimes giving different sides to the story or adding aspects that didn’t fit in the first four episodes.

We all know that Lindsay can spin a yarn like no one else. From “American Scandal” to “American Elections: Wicked Game,” he’s been able to make seemingly mundane histories into thrilling tales of hubris, humility, and their consequences. And now, we can hear him do it all over again in this Wondery podcast.

Much like Wondery’s “Business Wars,” “Business Movers” is the dramaticized retelling of businesses and their leaders who changed the world. From Walt Disney’s vision to create a theme park around a world he built to George Lucas creating a Hollywood empire (which ironically brings us back to Disney) to the rise, fall, and fight for MySpace, this podcast covers it all. Hear about the collapse of Lehman Brothers, the HP spying scandal, and the rise and fall of Uber. Every single series takes listeners on an enthralling journey of either miraculous triumph or disastrous failure. Or perhaps a mix, depending on who you ask.

Between the writing, narration, and actual story content, every episode will leave you wanting more. Complete with dramatic underscoring that continuously ups the ante, “Business Movers” knocks it out of the park with each swing. Also, you may learn something new in every episode, namely how the fallout changed the business, political, and even entertainment landscapes. Like how Patricia Dunn’s HP spying scandal had the United States Congress draft up new laws around telephone record privacy. Or the many, many effects of Lehman Brothers going bankrupt in the middle of the U.S. mortgage crisis.

But there’s also the good that has come out of great triumphs. Like Stan Lee creating his Marvel Cinematic Universe and changing the future of superhero movies. Or how Steve Jobs helped secure Pixar’s future. Or George Lucas’ legacy despite the Walt Disney Corporation bringing his beloved series in a slightly…let’s say different direction.

Especially if you’ve worked your way through all of “Business Wars,” or you simply can’t get enough of Lindsey’s captivating storytelling on his other podcasts, then you must check out “Business Movers.” Every episode will leave you hungry for the next. Filled with deep background information (so you don’t have to do any research of your own) and laid out in an easy-to-follow timeline, this podcast is sure to be your next binge-listening obsession.

Listen to ‘Business Movers’

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