‘And That’s Why We Drink’ is keeping our Fridays freaky with haunted dolls and terrifying true crime

True Crime October 6, 2021
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“And That’s Why We Drink” is one of the funniest, scariest, and booziest podcasts you’ll come across. Hosts Em Schulz and Christine Schiefer joined Podsauce to talk about their groundbreaking podcast and what drives them to drink. From creepy dolls to UFOs, murder to ghosts, this podcast truly covers all of their bases when it comes to the weird, freaky and unknown.

With over 80 million downloads, “And That’s Why We Drink” is one of the most popular podcasts of all time. Partially due to the paranormal hole in the market when they first started, but mainly due to the two friends’ chemistry. They recount their origin story to Dax and Alesha: from Em learning what a podcast was to creating their own as a way to document their friendship from the beginning. And it’s all part of their charm, because we get to learn about them as they learn about each other.

But the true guts of this pod comes from Em’s professional experience with all things ghostly and Christine’s love for true crime. Each week, they both tell a new story in an attempt to scare the other. Whether it’s UFO sightings, serial killers, or hotel hauntings, there’s enough wholesome banter to keep things from getting too freaky. But the doll episodes get weird. Also, why are there so many haunted dolls? Can somebody put a stop to this?

All of their episodes are lovingly titled (E187 Lydia Chlamydia and Father Macaroni is near and dear to our hearts), and they’ve also been taking stories from fans to freak themselves out.

A recent listener story comes from a Halloween ghost story gathering, when the mother of her childhood friend took the stage. She said that one night when both of her children were young, while studying for night school classes at home, she heard the tell-tale sign of her son, Joe, rise from slumber with the clattering of his toys. When she went to check on him, Joe was fast asleep. When she returned to her desk, she noticed his toy truck moving across the floor on its own, as if being played with by a child. She immediately put the toys away before returning back to her desk. Not long after, she heard her front door open and raced to see her young son, who had previously not been able to open the door, walking across the front yard unresponsive to her calling his name.

The next morning, she was feeding her two children when Joe said “Mama, where’s my friend from last night?” The listener who wrote in this woman’s ghost story recalls the unusual sick to her stomach feeling she and her family always got when they visited that friend’s home! So, now you see where they got the title “And That’s Why We Drink.”

So this Halloween season, why not spook it up with “And That’s Why We Drink?” Whatever you are looking for to give you a scare, murder, kidnappings, paranormal activity, there is no lack of it here. Along with a hearty side of wholesome friendship and laughs, be sure to grab a glass (or a milkshake) and tune in every Friday.

Listen to ‘And That’s Why We Drink’

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