If you like ‘The Bill Simmons Podcast,’ check out ‘Ball Sometimes Lie’

Sports August 18, 2021
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On the sixth episode of “Podsauce,” hosts Alesha and Dax shared their podcast picks of the week. They also shared their picks for the “If You Like This, You’ll Like That” segment, which recommends shows similar to popular podcasts. This week, they recommend that if you like The Ringer’s “The Bill Simmons Podcast,” you may like this other sports podcast, “Ball Sometimes Lie.”

Hosted by actor Adam Pally of Happy Endings as well as his best friend Sam, producer Katie, and a stranger named Zack, “Ball Sometimes Lie” is a nerd-out over all things NBA. Filled with pop culture chats, discussions about weird haircuts, and anything the hosts find interesting or comical, “Ball Sometimes Lie” is a hidden gem.

Episodes have slowed since the end of the NBA season, but mid-season, they are pumping out shows weekly. The BSL crew is frequently joined by NBA journalists, sports authors, analysts and professionals to talk about the most important happenings in basketball. They are funny, easy-listening episodes that could drop any day of the week, so stay on your toes.

Dax-approved episodes

In Episode 6 of Podsauce, Dax recommends listening to their most recent episode, “Episode 27 – The Game of Life,” where just the threesome of Adam, Stranger Zack, and Brac talk about their favorite moves of the NBA free agency. There’s lots of Suns and CP3 talk as he signed a four-year deal with the league runner-ups and more fake Ben Simmons trades as rumors swirl. They also chat about the relatively new Play-In Tournament for the Finals this season, what teams are locked in, and who will need to duke it out at the end of the regular season. Dax also suggests listening to “Episode 26 – All White People Are White” and “Episode 25 – Would You Trade X for Ben Simmons.”

For a hit of sports news and entertainment, “Ball Sometimes Lie” shows up every time. There’s not long until the next NBA season (October 19), so make sure “Ball Sometimes Lie” is locked and loaded in your podcast downloads. For any “Bill Simmons Podcast” fans, BSL could be your new favorite podcast.

Tune in weekly to “Podsauce” for more podcast recommendations.

Listen to ‘Ball Sometimes Lie’

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