‘No Place Like Home’ tells the story of the famous ruby slippers that seemingly danced away

TV & Film August 17, 2021
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Audacy’s C13 Originals presents “No Place Like Home,” the story behind the iconic pair of ruby slippers that seemingly danced away from The Judy Garland Museum in Grand Rapids, Minnesota. As worn by Judy Garland’s character, Dorothy, in The Wizard of Oz, this pair lived in the museum until 2005. This podcast journeys from the moment The Judy Garland Museum realized the slippers vanished to the FBI’s investigation. While the slippers eventually found their way back home, we hear how this story reached bizarre levels. So many questions are still left unanswered.

In 2018, Seyward Darby became intrigued with the story of the stolen slippers. So, she contacted freelance writer Ariel Ramchandani. They began discussing the heist and speaking to people surrounding the case. They created the podcast to fully explore what is possibly one of the most iconic movie props of all time. Also, the 3rd episode recaps Judy Garland’s life leading up to The Wizard of Oz.

We’re unsure how many pairs of ruby slippers Judy Garland danced around and skipped in during filming. But, the podcast tells us about 4 pairs that still exist. They each have a name: Dorothy’s shoes, the witch’s shoes, the people’s shoes, and the traveling shoes. An anonymous figure owns Dorothy’s shoes. The people’s shoes are in the Smithsonian Museum. The witch’s shoes were purchased by Steven Spielberg and Leonardo DiCaprio for around $2 million. The traveling shoes were the stolen pair. Before finding their way to Grand Rapids, Minnesota, the traveling shoes were owned by Hollywood memorabilia collector, Michael Shaw, until 1970. They later found their way to The Judy Garland Museum in her hometown of Grand Rapids.

Since the FBI has yet to announce who stole them, the details are fuzzy. Where were the slippers hiding for 13 years?

Listen to ‘No Place Like Home’

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