‘HBO’s Succession Podcast’ is next in line for listening if you can’t get enough of the TV show

TV & Film November 1, 2021
Listen to ‘HBO’s Succession Podcast’

HBO’s Emmy award-winning show Succession just dropped its third season. And there’s a podcast if you can’t get enough of the TV show. Journalist Kara Swisher reports on finance, technology, and power, and is the ultimate host for this series to explore the TV show and the real-world parallels it presents. Throughout the season, Kara will speak with Succession‘s cast and crew, journalists, psychologists, writers, and more. New podcast episodes will be available after each TV episode. Last season was hosted by Roger Bennett.

Kara recaps episodes and power ranks the characters on a scoreboard by sharing which characters are up and down in her opinion. This series deals with themes of power, family, money, and culture, with the portrayal of media powerhouse company, Waystar Royco, and its patriarch, Logan Roy. The family-line succession plan is not as foolproof as Logan hoped it would be, and tensions rise.

On the episode titled “Rich Doesn’t Equal Smart,” Jennifer Palmieri was interviewed. She discussed real-life business communications with the White House, as mirrored on-screen during this season’s first episode with Gerri and the president’s press secretary. And she shares what it was like to get wrapped up in legal issues on the job. Did you know that there is an internal insurance program White House employees can sign up for through the Department of Justice to cover legal costs (for the most part) if they’re dragged into a case?

Jennifer was the Communications Director for President Obama and Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign. She was also the White House deputy press secretary for President Bill Clinton. Monica Lewinsky was Jennifer’s intern. Jennifer only learned about this insurance program when she worked with President Obama. Jennifer hosts the podcast, “Just Something About Her,” Showtime’s The Circus, published books, and is a contributing editor to Vanity Fair.

Organizational psychologist Adam Grant analyzed season 3 episode 2’s “Mass in Time of War.” They’ll look at the business and family interplay of the Roy children, and what happens when an entire culture is built on narcissism, lies, ego, and bosses who are also part of the family.

Kara is an opinion writer for The New York Times, wrote two books, and hosts additional podcasts: New York Times Opinion’s “Sway” and New York Magazine’s “Pivot.” Kara co-founded the news platform, Recode.

This series is an HBO production in partnership with Pineapple Street Studios. Tune in weekly, wherever you listen to your podcasts.

Listen to ‘HBO’s Succession Podcast’

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