‘Love & Noraebang’ is a modern rom-com, K-drama, and telenovela all in one

Fiction July 15, 2022
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“Love & Noraebang” is a rom-com, K-drama, and telenovela podcast series, following a modern love story in LA between Korean chaebol heir Jaesun Choi and Mexican American entrepreneur Ana Campos. The two spent months flirting innocently then found themselves passionately bonding at a karaoke session just before Ana learned Jaesun’s time in LA was coming to a close.

Jaesun had to head back to Korea for his 2-year military service while Ana’s business encountered terrible obstacles. There were huge miscommunications, and Ana was faced with a decision to continue alone or keep faith in her love life. Ana and Jaesun grapple with a long distance relationship, but will it survive?

Start this fictional comedy series’ 10 episodes from the beginning, presented by Sonoro and The Mash-Up Americans. All episodes are less than 25 minutes each.

Episode 1 opens with Jaesun’s celebratory meal with his cousin Chloe and his BFFs at his favorite Mexican restaurant, owned by Ana. Jaesun and Ana’s rapport has been building for months, and Jaesun finally asks Ana out – an invite she has long hoped for. Jaesun and Ana go for noraebang (karaoke), jumpstarting their relationship that sadly not everyone is fan of.

Jaesun and Ana’s romance heats up as their dates bring them to LA and Mexico City’s tastiest food spots. Ana is falling in love and devastated to learn that Jaesun must leave the country. At this time, Ana turns to her sister, Valentina, and her BFF, Mark, for guidance.

Meanwhile, Jaesun was reunited with his father, struggled with his rich kid reputation in the military, and Ana is buried with business debts. Ana’s personal and professional drama unfolds, and then she travels to Korea to learn more about Jaesun with Chloe.

“Love & Noraebang” was written by Quincy Cho and Anthony Aguilar. This series stars Randall Park, Francia Raisa, Justin H. Min, Julia Cho, Ana Gonzalez Bello, June Yoon, Steve Lim, and Rafael Torres and is executive produced by Camila Victoriano, Joshua Weinstein, Amy S. Choi, and Rebecca Lehrer.

We recommend this podcast for fans of “Modern Love” and fiction shows like “Princess of South Beach.” Tune into “Love & Noraebang” wherever you listen to your favorite podcasts.

Listen to ‘Love & Noraebang’

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