Amanda Knox, O.J. Simpson, and more: go beyond the headlines of high-profile crimes in ‘Media Circus with Kim Goldman’

True Crime July 25, 2022
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Author, victim advocate, and podcast host Kim Goldman is Ron Goldman’s sister. In 1994, Ron Goldman and Nicole Brown Simpson (O.J. Simpson’s ex-wife) were murdered, and O.J. Simpson stood trial. He was found not guilty.

In the days following her brother’s death, Kim was swept in a frenzy, and the media closely tracked every move her family made. She soon learned that what you see in the media is not always reality. Since 1994, Kim has met victims and families with similar experiences who faced tragedy in the public eye.

“Media Circus with Kim Goldman” looks at the media’s crime reporting, accuracy, and how it can interfere. On the podcast, Kim shares high-profile crimes as told by victims and families who were all over the news – with the whole world watching – during some of their worst moments. This season, you’ll hear guests recount their firsthand stories and go behind-the-scenes of media coverage for cases you might already be familiar with.

Stream the weekly series in any order with standalone episodes running less than 50 minutes on average. If you’d like to learn more about Kim’s story, start the series from episode 1 to hear her “loss, resilience, and purpose.” 

In episodes, you’ll hear from victims, advocates, and survivors. Kiki Doe will join an episode to share how her life, and many others’, were changed by the sex offender Jeffrey Epstein. Gina DeJesus was kidnapped in Ohio at 14 years old and held captive with 2 other girls before getting rescued. We’ll learn her story in an upcoming episode.

Jaime was a freshman at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School when she, students, and staff were shot by a former student in 2018. The 19-year-old perpetrator killed 17 and wounded 17 more. In episode 1, we hear from Fred Guttenberg, Jaime’s dad, who has advocated for gun safety legislation. He shares his experience, grief, trauma, resilience, and healing journey.

21-year-old Matthew Shepard, a gay college student at the University of Wyoming, was a hate crime victim. He met two guys in a bar, and what followed would rank as one of the biggest anti-gay hate crimes in history. Matthew’s mom spoke with Kim about her family, the media’s startling approach to this story, and her work with the Matthew Shepard Foundation.

“Media Circus with Kim Goldman” is presented by Kast Media. Tune in for new, weekly episodes wherever you listen to your favorite podcasts.

Listen to ‘Media Circus with Kim Goldman’

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