Hidden treasure, con artistry, and more: 8 new true crime podcasts to stream this summer

True Crime June 9, 2022

Summer and new true crime podcasts? Yes, please. We’ve selected 8 of the best, new true crime podcasts to stream throughout those lazy, hazy days. Hear about the notorious con artist Gilbert Chikli and his global scamming operations. Another series investigates Forrest Fenn’s story, an art dealer who allegedly hid $2 million worth of gold in the Rocky Mountains, and what happened when treasure hunters followed his clues.

Get chilled by cold cases, mysteries, and disappearances. “The Seduction” storyline sounds like a classic film noir, a case filled with love, obsession, and, in turn, murder. Check out deep-dives into an array of true crimes with standalone episodes on a YouTuber’s new podcast, “The Criminal Makeup,” and so much more on our list.

The Criminal Makeup image

The Criminal Makeup

Listen to ‘The Criminal Makeup’

True crime YouTuber Danielle Kirsty is bringing her series to podcast land on “The Criminal Makeup.” Danielle is super passionate about true crime and hones her Law & Criminology degree with her content. Episodes delve into crimes around the world and the minds behind disturbing cases. Danielle talks about cults like The Ant Hill Kids, a YouTuber-turned-killer Samantha Wohlford, and an escaped evil prisoner Arthur Hutchinson “with curiosity, empathy, and a much-needed dash of sass!” Check out new, weekly episodes.

Persona: The French Deception image

Persona: The French Deception

Listen to ‘Persona: The French Deception’

Wondery and Pineapple Street Studios’ “Persona: The French Deception” investigates one of the most notorious con artists of all time, Gilbert Chikli. Chikli conned individuals and companies out of millions of dollars, and this series details his exploits and explores how he evaded law enforcement for years. His brazen schemes included impersonating the French Minister of Defense, targeting foreign governments and wealthy French speakers. This series is hosted by journalist Evan Ratliff.

Should Be Alive image

Should Be Alive

Listen to ‘Should Be Alive’

VAULT Studios’ “Should Be Alive” shares the tragic story of 17-year-old Nikki Kuhnhausen, a transgender teen who was murdered in Vancouver, Washington. Host Ashley Korslien investigates Nikki’s case and examines the issues transgender people face. The series also brings awareness to the uptick in violence against the transgender community.

Witnessed: Friendly Fire image

Witnessed: Friendly Fire

Listen to ‘Witnessed: Friendly Fire’

The Binge’s “Witnessed: Friendly Fire” dropped a new season. The series unravels the truth after a K-9 officer from Scott County, Tennessee’s Sheriff’s Department was shot by his work partner. His widow investigates if it was an accident or if an underlying motive was at stake. In the podcast, host and reporter Sean Flynn heads to Scott County 20 years after the officer’s death to share a story of justice and how the community dealt with this for years.

X Marks the Spot: The Legend of Forrest Fenn

Listen to ‘X Marks the Spot: The Legend of Forrest Fenn’

Cavalry Audio’s “X Marks the Spot: The Legend of Forrest Fenn” is the first podcast series to investigate the real-life treasure hunt started by a New Mexico art dealer who allegedly buried $2 million worth of gold in the Rocky Mountains. This series tells Forrest’s story, what his published autobiography revealed, including a clue-ridden, six-stanza poem that reportedly contained the treasure’s buried location.

Thousands of people searched, 5 people died, and at least 3 lawsuits were underway after the treasure was discovered in June 2020. In episodes, hear from Fenn’s friends, treasure hunters, and more who claimed they knew where the treasure was hidden.

The Seduction

Listen to ‘The Seduction’

From Dateline NBC comes “The Seduction,” a film noir-esque story filled with lust and obsession. It’s a true crime involving a young man, a woman who wanted her husband killed, and who she found to kill-for-hire. Hosted by Dateline’s Keith Morrison, this series starts June 14.

The Prosecutors: Legal Briefs image

The Prosecutors: Legal Briefs

Listen to ‘The Prosecutors: Legal Briefs’

PodcastOne’s “The Prosecutors: Legal Briefs” is unpacking trending true crime stories, cold cases, sentencings, and trials in the news. The show’s hosts, Alice and Brett, are lending their real-world expertise as prosecutors to analyze developments in cases and deep-dive into the legal sides of crimes. They recently covered the Depp v. Heard trial and will release new episodes weekly.

Avery After Dark image

Avery After Dark

Listen to ‘Avery After Dark’

Avery Ross hosts “Avery After Dark,” a weekly podcast sharing true crime stories, mysteries, disappearances, spooky tales, paranormal activity, and more. Recent episodes talked about hauntings in The White House, real-life Men in Black, and the unsolved disappearance of news anchor Jodi Huisentruit in 1995.

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