‘No One is Coming to Save Us’ podcast examines America’s childcare crisis and how a modern fix could lead to a better country

Kids & Family May 13, 2022
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One thing is for sure: “No One is Coming to Save Us.” But, in light of President Biden mentioning childcare plans in his State of the Union address, we can hope and continue to share knowledge. In Lemonada Media’s series hosted by Gloria Riveria, episodes dive into America’s childcare crisis, and what steps the country can take to fix this broken system.

This affects people of all ages and is not only problematic for parents. Early education and proper care shape kids’ futures, and this podcast is bringing attention to these issues and how they affect the nation.

Veteran journalist and mother of 3, Gloria Riviera, is joined by guests from all fields in weekly podcast episodes. Stream the 15+ episodes in any order with the average release running less than an hour. Some of the more recent episodes discuss timely news like the Supreme Court’s leaked draft that might overturn Roe v. Wade.

Episodes discuss topics like the extreme costs of childcare, changing legislation, and putting childcare on ballots. Deb VanderGaast joined Riviera to share her story as an Iowa woman running for Senate and taking a stand for childcare. VanderGaast is a mother and activist who left her nursing job to open a daycare facility. She explained her ultimate decision to run for office and what her priorities will be if elected.

In April, actress/author/activist Sara Gilbert chatted with Gloria about how they both balance childcare with media careers. Sara discussed her solo parenting experiences, working on a Hollywood lot with an infant in tow, and how her family found LGBTQ-affirming childcare options. She also shared the time she almost went into labor on The Talk, a TV show she co-hosted and executive produced.

Riviera recently told Podsauce about her podcast and what sparked her journey to learn more about America’s childcare crisis. This included a struggle to find appropriate care when she was transferred to China for work. Riviera explained that educators and childcare workers are struggling and leaving the field in our post-pandemic landscape. She shared snippets of what childcare looked like through history, and wants parents to realize they’re not alone with their struggles.

In 2022, the series received a Webby Award nomination for Best Public Service & Activism Podcast. “No One is Coming to Save Us” is not just for parents. We recommend this series for anyone looking to learn more through conversations on America’s childcare crisis. Tune in weekly for new episodes.

Listen to ‘No One is Coming to Save Us’

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