‘Paper Ghosts Burned’ uncovers the truth behind a mysterious fire-turned-homicide case

True Crime September 13, 2021
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iHeartRadio presents the true crime podcast, “Paper Ghosts Burned.” A family farm in Bethel, Ohio burned down in 1981. All four residents were dead. Was the fire their actual cause of death? As a result, members of the family were eager to learn the truth and reopen the case. They reached out to seasoned investigative journalist and true crime author, M. William Phelps. Phelps investigated the case, found some shocking revelations, and hosts the podcast which is now in its second season.

In season one, listeners hear about four girls who went missing around the same vicinity in New England. All four cases remained unsolved and were grouped together as related. Recently, fifty years after their disappearance, new information is found.

The second season investigates The Stevensons, a well-to-do clan. They owned businesses in Ohio and were quite popular around town. Each summer, they sold fireworks at their stand. In the episodes, we find out if a business deal went awry. Did someone want to seek revenge on the Stevensons?

Their farm was set ablaze. After the fire, the police look through the scene. It appears to be a homicide. There are a few suspicious things that happened a few days before the fire. First, the family has an alarming encounter at their firework stand. By the third episode, we hear of someone who visited the Stevensons a few hours before their murder. Pieces of evidence are uncovered. Phelps examines never-before-heard audio recordings and classified documents.

If you enjoy true crime podcasts, you might want to add this show to your rotation!

Listen to ‘Paper Ghosts Burned’

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