6 podcasts like ‘Bad Bad Thing’ for your next true crime binge

True Crime August 30, 2021

If you haven’t listened to the new true crime podcast “Bad Bad Thing,” you probably saw it sit atop the podcast charts this summer. “Bad Bad Thing” follows the tragic murder-suicide of Meredith Sullivan by Jennair Gerardot. Jennair’s husband, Mark Gerardot, had been having an affair with Meredith, first secretly, then publicly. What makes this story unique is Jennair’s phone recordings before her death: she recorded her breakdown from her suspicions that Mark was cheating up to the day she died.

Interspersed with actual audio from Jennair’s videos, “Bad Bad Thing” is a pinnacle of podcast storytelling.

While the story has now concluded, we are looking for our next binge, and we hope you are, too. Here are 5 podcasts like “Bad Bad Thing.”

The Missing Cryptoqueen

Listen to ‘The Missing Cryptoqueen’

From BBC Radio comes the story of Dr. Ruja Ignatova, the founder of OneCoin, a Ponzi scheme described as “one of the biggest scams in history.” She convinced millions to join her cryptocurrency financial revolution and she took their money and ran. She’s been on the run since 2017 from multiple countries and their intelligence units. Listen to her story in “The Missing Cryptoqueen.”

The Dropout

Listen to ‘The Dropout’

With over 20,000 ratings on Apple Podcasts, ABC News’s “The Dropout” is one of the top true crime podcasts ever. “The Dropout” is a story of money, romance, deception, and death. Elizabeth Holmes, considered the “next Steve Jobs,” said her technology would revolutionize healthcare, and instead put millions at risk. This podcast follows a multi-year investigation into the world’s youngest female billionaire. Also, starting August 31, 2021 “The Dropout: Elizabeth Holmes on Trial” will be released; it will take you inside the courtroom, finally bringing an end to this story.

I’m Not A Monster

Listen to ‘I’m Not A Monster’

For four years, journalist Josh Baker untangled the story of an American family that ended up in the middle of the ISIS regime. A home video starring an American woman’s 10-year-old son threatening the President of the United States begins the search for the family. She claims to have been tricked into moving to Syria, but how much of her story is true? Besides, her husband is an ISIS sniper. An unbelievable and extraordinary story told masterfully from BBC and PBS.

Atlanta Monster

Listen to ‘Atlanta Monster’

“Atlanta Monster” tells the story of the horrific and haunting Atlanta Child Murders. Four decades after this killing spree, questions remain. From iHeartRadio and Tenderfoot, host Payne Lindsey reexamines the murders of at least 28 children – adolescents and adults – from 1979 to 1981. Though a suspect was caught and convicted of two of the murders, they have not been able to pin the other murders on him. Hear about this reign of terror in “Atlanta Monster.” Subsequent seasons tell the story of The Zodiac Killer and The DC Sniper.

Man In The Window: The Golden State Killer

Listen to ‘Man In The Window: The Golden State Killer’

Pulitzer Prize winning investigative reporter Paige St. John reexamines the Golden State Killer case with never-before-heard details. “Man In The Window: The Golden State Killer” is a look back at California’s most notorious serial killer after he had finally been caught decades later. It examines the language of rape and why police and media struggle with how to talk about it. Newer episodes cover the case of Joseph James DeAngelo, the retired police-officer who turned out to be California’s most prolific serial killer and rapist.

Black Hands

Listen to ‘Black Hands’

On a June morning in 1994, five members for a New Zealand family were gunned down in their home. Of the two suspects, only one survived the massacre. The mass murder divided the country of New Zealand, but who killed the Bain family? The survivor, David, or his father, who lay dead with a bullet in his head, Robert? Filled with interviews from witnesses, Martin van Beynen picks through the evidence in search of answers. From Stuff, this is “Black Hands.”

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