6 podcasts about Paramount’s ‘Yellowstone’ making sure you don’t miss a single moment

TV & Film November 17, 2021

Paramount’s increasingly popular Yellowstone has just embarked on its fourth season, and we are so here for it. The drama series has only picked up more speed (and more viewers) with each season and we know that a dose of Kevin Costner once a week is not enough.

Here is a collection of Yellowstone podcasts that are rewatching the earlier seasons, breaking down every new episode, and making predictions about what’s about to go down on that Montana ranch.

The Yellowstone Podcast with Stef and Sheila

Listen to ‘The Yellowstone Podcast with Stef and Sheila’

From Pod Clubhouse, Stef and Sheila work tirelessly every week to break down the newest episode of Yellowstone. Unwrapping the latest Dutton family exploits, these two are the ultimate watch buddies, catching all the details we may have missed.

The Prestige TV Podcast

Listen to ‘The Prestige TV Podcast’

Covering shows like Succession, Curb Your Enthusiasm, and Insecure, “The Prestige TV Podcast” is also covering every episode of the new season of Yellowstone. Discussing one show or movie today, including premieres, the latest streaming hits, or check-ins on old favorites, this Ringer podcast makes sure to cover every new episode of Paramount’s hit show.

The Dutton Report

Listen to ‘The Dutton Report’

“The Dutton Report” is the perfect companion podcast to breakdown all of the details from every episode of Yellowstone. Hosts Berry and Will are making sure that there’s never too much Yellowstone in which to indulge. If you’re finding that you need even more content about your favorite show, be sure to check out “The Dutton Report.”

What To Watch

Listen to ‘Yellowstone premiere answers season 3 cliffhangers; Dexter returns’

“What To Watch” is Entertainment Weekly’s daily guide to the shows you should be watching, and that includes Yellowstone‘s return earlier this November. The season 4 premiere finally let us let go of the season 3 finale cliffhanger, revealing which Duttons made it and which family members didn’t.

The Playlist Podcast Network

Listen to ‘The Playlist Podcast Network’

“The Playlist Podcast Network” has started their own Yellowstoners mini-series so they can review each episode as it premiers. Calling it The Godfather in Montana with Succession family dynamics, they’re wondering what you’re doing if you’re not watching it?

Bunkhouse Breakdown

Listen to ‘Bunkhouse Breakdown’

As Yellowstone has returned for a no-doubt tumultuous fourth season, the Outsider podcasting network created the brand new “Bunkhouse Breakdown” to do, well, exactly that. Hosted by “Yellowstone” buffs Wes Blankenship, Jim Casey, and Caroline Bynum, it is a weekly instant-reaction podcast with hot takes and hotter predictions.

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