Chicago, CDC, and COVID-19: 5 podcast episodes from this week’s headlines

News January 6, 2022

In this week’s news podcast round-up from the headlines, hear updates about COVID-19’s winter surge, another variant found in France, the CDC’s guidelines, and class cancellations in Chicago. A verdict was reached this week in Elizabeth HolmesTheranos trial, and listen to the first in a three-part episode on the January 6th Capitol riot with newly-released FBI interviews.

Hear about these stories and more in our weekly news podcast episode round-up:

Coronavirus Daily

Listen to ‘COVID’s latest winter surge is a record breaker — Just what we need, another new variant — COVID antiviral treatment pills in short supply — Kids, mental health & the pandemic’ on ‘Coronavirus Daily’

On this episode of Audacy’s “Coronavirus Daily,” hear about the Omicron variant, and record-breaking cases this winter. On Monday, approx. 1 million cases were reported in America. In France, another variant has been found. On this episode, hear about Pfizer and Merck’s COVID-19 pills. In the midst of this surge, students are feeling more stressed than ever, and more mental health issues have been reported. Learn more in this 32-minute episode.

Up First

Listen to ‘Wednesday, January 5, 2022’ on ‘Up First’

In this episode of NPR’s “Up First,” tune in for updates on Elizabeth Holmes’ Theranos trial verdict and a whistleblower that originally informed authorities. Also hear about the Omicron surge, armchair sleuths who helped track down Capitol rioters, and more in this 13-minute episode.

CNN 5 Things

Listen to ‘CNN 5 Things January 5, 2022 – 9am ET; on ‘5 Things’

On this episode of “CNN 5 Things,” listeners learn that the government is still seeking Sean Hannity’s cooperation in the January 6th Capitol riot investigation. The CDC’s guidelines are facing criticism and will remain without changes at this time. Classes were cancelled in Chicago after the teachers’ local union voted due to the rise of COVID-19. A Xi’an hospital is under investigation after a controversy regarding a pregnant woman miscarrying after she was initially denied entry.

Global News Podcast

Listen to ‘Kazakhstan protests over rising fuel prices’ on ‘Global News Podcast’

Anti-government protests in Kazakhstan are on the rise due to hiking fuel prices. Hong Kong has new COVID-19 regulations. Tennis player Novak Djokovic received a vaccine medical exemption for the Australian open, and he was denied entry when he flew to Australia. “Global News Podcast” is a daily series presented by BBC.

The Daily podcast art

The Daily

Listen to ‘Jan. 6, Part 1: ‘The Herd Mentality’’ on ‘The Daily’

This episode of “The Daily” is a three-part episode on the January 6th, 2021 Capitol insurrection. Part one is a 48-minute episode about the protestors who partook in the mob after President Biden’s election victory was certified. Learn about extremist groups and previously non-politically vocal individuals like church members, lawyers, teachers, doctors, and more who stormed the Capitol. This episode arc investigates three, recently-released FBI interviews that share some insight from that day. This daily podcast is brought to you by The New York Times.


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