It’s Fri-yay! Get caught up in these 5 great podcasts this weekend

round up August 20, 2021

Yay for Friday! This week, we’ve been listening to a variety of outstanding podcasts, many of which we think will compliment your weekend. In our listening guide, we’ve included shows filled with culture, scandals, drama, and Hollywood legends. An environment and nature podcast also charts our list, as well as an educational news show about politics.

As you dive full-speed ahead into the weekend, grab your headphones if you’re looking for entertainment, want to listen to some new shows, or perhaps learn something new.

Here’s our weekend podcast guide:

Love is a Crime

Listen to ‘Love is a Crime’

Vanity Fair and Audacy’s Cadence13 present the series, “Love is a Crime.” Zooey Deschanel, Jon Hamm, Griffin Dunne, and more fabulous actors voice the characters of this drama.

In “Love is a Crime,” we’ll hear about one of the greatest Hollywood scandals of all time. Tensions run high for producer Walter Wanger and his wife and actress Joan Bennett. They also worked together in the entertainment industry to develop what we now know as the film noir genre. When Walter suspects his wife is having an affair with her agent Jennings Lang, in the 1930s, Walter shot him. Listeners will buckle in for a ride of fame, infamy, femme fatales, romance, revenge, a coincidence of life imitating art, and more, as we hear in the 10-episode series. Hosted by filmmaker Vanessa Hope and “You Must Remember This” Karina Longworth, the series will unfold this real-life drama. Moreover, Hope is Walter and Joan’s granddaughter, so she is personally invested in this story. The twists and turns of this saga are incredible!

New episodes are updated weekly.

In God We Lust

Listen to ‘In God We Lust’

Wondery’s “In God We Lust” is a 6-part series about a love triangle. Set at a luxury hotel in Miami, a couple’s scandal begins when pool boy, Giancarlo, allegedly agrees to be roped into their sexy shenanigans. The three hook up, and the pool boy shares his story with the tabloids when he realizes who the couple is: Becky Falwell and Jerry Falwell Jr. Jerry’s father was one of the prominent Christian leaders in America. To keep up his family’s legacy, Jerry became the president of the evangelical university his father founded.

The couple denies all accusations. While the Falwells attempt to save face, this story snowballs into more troubles for everyone involved, including poor business deals and blackmail. The podcast sounds like you’re tuning into an entertainment news show. Hosts and comedians Aricia Skidmore-Williams and Brooke Siffrinn unpack the story. If you love hearing about drama and scandals, this series is for you.

Slate Culture

Listen to ‘Slate Culture’

“Slate Culture” is super informative, bringing you up-to-snuff on culture and news. This series is awesome because it also features episodes from Slate’s other podcasts including the music-based series “Hit Parade,” internet culture show “ICYMI,” “Culture Gabfest,” “One Year,” “The Waves,” and more.

A recent episode explored the question, “Can we love true crime when we’re the victim?” It’s become a huge industry with fans of true crime podcasts, books, merch, and events. A former prosecutor and writer appeared on the episode to speak about victims and her experience with cases. Another episode spoke with author Charlie Jane Anders on her new book for writers. An “ICYMI” episode was featured to explain TikTok’s #BamaRush trend. Hosts also gabbed about “Hot Queer Summer.” A recent “Hit Parade” episode explored the genre of Yacht Rock.

The Brown Girls Guide to Politics

Listen to ‘The Brown Girls Guide to Politics’

Wonder Media Network’s “The Brown Girls Guide to Politics” presents news for listeners who want to learn about politics. A’shanti Gholar hosts to speak with influencers, politicians, and candidates. In a Back to School episode, A’shanti interviewed the National Education Association’s president, Becky Pringle, and teacher Ebony Thorton. They discussed the challenges and triumphs of returning to the classroom in unprecedented times. Over the summer, A’shanti spoke with Aetna’s Dr. Sonja Hughes about COVID. Allie Young (founder of Protect the Sacred) and Anathea Chino (Co-Founder and Executive Director of Advance Native Political Leadership) appeared on the podcast to explore how indigenous communities have dealt with COVID. Tune in for new weekly episodes.


Listen to ‘Outside/In’

New Hampshire Public Radio/Panoply presents “Outside/In,” a science, environment, and nature podcast. Listeners will hear the story, “Windfall,” about wind turbines placed off of the Atlantic Ocean’s coast. Recent episodes discuss America’s National Parks, habitats like sandy beaches, pollutants, and how city gutter systems work. We also hear about climate change. In January, filmmaker and Pineapple Street’s podcaster Dan Taberski appeared on the show to speak about his investigative work.

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