Cheers to the weekend! 5 podcasts to check out over the next few days

round up February 4, 2022

Another day, another dollar. And another week, another slew of podcasts awaiting you. With Friday finally upon us, you know what that means. Podsauce’s weekend listening guide is here to make forming your weekend podcast queue easier than ever. If you’ve caught up on all of your weekly podcasts, check out these 5 podcasts to add to your roster!

We’ve got a podcast about the Olympics since they’re starting today, a podcast about Tom Brady after his retirement announcement, and a podcast that we’re thinking “Maintenance Phase” fans might just love.

Check out these podcasts below:

The Podium

Listen to ‘The Podium’

To stay up to date on all of the events going on these Winter Olympics, check in regularly with NBC’s “The Podium.” They were our go-to last summer for the Tokyo Games, and we have no doubt that they’ll be knocking it out of the park all over again this year. Although, truthfully we have whiplash from how fast these Games snuck up on us.

The Deck

Listen to ‘The Deck’

Calling all Ashley Flowers fanatics, “The Deck” is her podcast networks’ latest show. Investigators around the country have been playing a game of risk: replacing faces of traditional playing card decks with images of missing and murdered people and then distributing those into prisons. They hoped that this would lead to inmates coming forward with information about the cases, and, believe it or not, it actually worked. “The Deck” tells the stories of these victims and the information detectives had before and after inmates helped solve the rest of the case.

The GOAT: Tom Brady

Listen to ‘The GOAT: Tom Brady’

It’s official (at least, we think it is this time). The greatest quarterback of all time is finally retiring after 22 years in the NFL. With 44 year old Tom Brady announcing his retirement this week, we thought that it would only be fitting to listen to a podcast about his storied career. Check out “The GOAT: Tom Brady” to hear about the 199th pick’s rise to the top.

In Bad Taste

Listen to ‘In Bad Taste’

Join nutritionist Pixie Turner and cardiothoracic surgeon Nikki Stamp as they meticulously watch and debunk health documentaries. “In Bad Taste,” much like “Maintenance Phase,” is making sure that junk science claims can’t get too far into the mainstream. Follow along as they breakdown documentaries like That Sugar Pill, The Magic Pill, The Goop Lab, and more.

You Are Good

Listen to ‘You Are Good’

If you’re just looking to get in your feels this weekend, we totally get you. “You Are Good” describes itself as “a feelings podcast about movies,” in which hosts Sarah Marshall and Alex Steed don’t just talk about cinematography and all that jazz, but instead how movies made them feel. They dive deeper into the emotional soul of popular films like Groundhog Day, Titanic, Little Women, and so much more.

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