#TGIF: 5 podcasts to stream this weekend

round up October 1, 2021

Happy Friday everybody! We are back with Podsauce’s weekend listening guide: a one-stop shop for all of your new podcast obsessions. No worries if you’re not an opera singer or a lawyer, because we have some incredible podcasts that will make you want to become one or the other. Hear centuries-old music that still ignites a spark within us, stories of survival, and daringly difficult crimes.

Did you hear the news? Britney Spears father, Jamie, has been suspended as her conservator after 13 years. Happy #FreeBritney Day, y’all. And we’ve got a podcast from one of the top legal commentators who has explained this case inside and out. Anyway, see what tickles your fancy with our podcast picks for you this fine weekend.

Aria Code

Listen to ‘Aria Code’

Whether you are a fan of opera or you’ve never seen one in your life, you have definitely heard a number of songs from them. “Aria Code” tells the history, context, and impact of the world’s most famous arias, from Puccini to Verdi, Mozart to Saint-Saëns. Our Grammy-winning host Rhiannon Giddens is joined by the greatest operatic voices of our time, as well as artists like Rufus Wainwright and stars like Dame Judi Dench, to understand why these arias still touch us centuries later. Every episode ends with the aria recorded from the Met Opera stage.

Against the Odds

Listen to ‘Against the Odds’

In an immersive series from Wondery, “Against the Odds” is telling the stories of human’s shocking resilience. Thrilling stories of survival from history and recent events: from the Thai soccer team trapped in a cave to the Uruguayan rugby team whose plane crashed in the Andes Mountains. Listen to these wild, incredible stories showcasing the lengths humans will stretch themselves to survive.

Were You Raised By Wolves?

Listen to ‘Were You Raised By Wolves?’

Speaking of survival, Nick Leighton asks “Were You Raised By Wolves?” In this weekly podcast, he and cohost Leah Bonnema look into the many sticky social situations we will all face at some point. They share advice on how to navigate a wide range of situations, from the serious to the outrageous—from tackling interrupting excessive talkers, establishing healthy boundaries, or the proper way to eat Cheetos. But, they aren’t just doing this to judge other people: they are taking an empathetic look at the bigger picture of how we all behave.

The Emily Show

Listen to ‘The Emily Show’

Emily D. Baker is a veteran LA County Deputy District Attorney turned legal commentating YouTuber/podcaster who explains legal happenings in pop culture news. From Tati Westbrook to anything happening with the Real Housewives, she will give it to you straight along with her own opinion on the case. She’s been all over Britney Spears fight to end her conservatorship which has finally seen some good news. We’re sure she’ll covering Jamie Spears suspension as Britney’s conservator soon.


Listen to ‘Armored’

In the crime world, there is nothing more difficult than an armored car heist. A heavily guarded moving target? Most people would say “no thanks,” but these heists happen more often than you’d think. An audiochuck podcast, “Armored” is a 10-part series into the most notorious armed truck robberies in North America. Talk about niche.

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