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Food March 14, 2022
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Raise your glass to Audacy’s “The Mash,” a podcast all about bourbon and other trendy liquors. If you ever wanted to learn about bourbon, this podcast is your opportunity to hear the drink’s history, learn about the different kinds, and talk about the science behind it. In episodes, bourbon aficionado Doug Shaeffler will chat with industry insiders, experts, distillers, and more. The conversations are not limited to bourbon, as Doug will discuss whiskey, cigars, and adjacent topics.

Since 2021, “The Mash” has released over 14 episodes and counting. Running under 45 minutes on average, episodes are educational and entertaining for listeners interested in the liquor industry or learning facts like where your favorite bourbon is sourced. A recent episode ranked the best bourbons for budgets under $40.

In the episode titled “Revolutionizing Whiskey,” hear about St. Louis’ StilL 630. Lead Distiller David Weglarz told Doug about the company’s award-winning, single-barrel bourbon, the ideas behind their revolutionary whiskey, and detailed their in-house operations. Episode 12 contemplated benefits of a Whiskey Society, giving folks the opportunity to sample bourbons and scotches without breaking the bank to fully stock your own bar. Hear from St. Louis Whiskey Society’s Matt Simpson and Joe Hill, who launched their club 4 years ago. They love whiskey and shared advice to start your own club and buy bottles at affordable prices.

Old Dominick’s female Master Distiller Alex Castle joined Doug for a convo on whiskey and experimentation. There was another episode spotlighting leading women in the industry, all about Widow Jane Distillery’s Lisa Wicker, one of the growing number of female Head Distillers. Doug discussed whiskey that can still be purchased following George Washington’s handwritten recipe.

Doug discovered “Bourbon Pompeii” on episode 4 with Buffalo Trace Distillery and Bourbon Archeologist Nick Laracuente. On episode 2,  Four Roses’ Dan Gardner repped his walking historian chops with an episode on Kentucky’s rich and complex bourbon history. Listeners can hear how location and tradition impact distilleries with Sonoma Valley’s Redwood Empire and what people can expect from its bourbon and rye that traces back to the 1800s.

For tips on pairing drinks with cigars, check out episode 9 with cigar aficionado Scott Biancardi from stlcigars.com. He has over 10 years of professional experience including rolling cigars for events.

To learn more from Doug and his guests, check out new episodes of “The Mash” wherever you listen to your favorite podcasts.

Listen to ‘The Mash’

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