Knowledge is podcasting power! ‘She Podcasts’ is a resource by and for podcasters

Technology November 12, 2021
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“She Podcasts” is a tailor-made resource for podcasters, hosted by Elsie Escobar and Jessica Kupferman, where their show advocates their mission statement: “Everyone deserves to be heard.” Elsie and Jessica are experts and podcasting powerhouses, sharing tools and educational insight to help podcasters grow and thrive. Grab a chair to join Elsie and Jessica at the kitchen table for fun chats all about podcasting, news updates, and life. And remember that knowledge is (podcasting) power!

In “She Podcasts'” episodes, listeners will hear tips and recommendations on everything from best microphones to how to expand your audience. Elsie and Jessica will walk you through building a podcast network, branding, workflows, overcoming obstacles, and more. The hosts’ honest advice is shared in discussions and guests from the podcasting world are invited to share their wealth of wisdom.

In 2014, Jessica first started a podcast to develop her online business, and saw that business podcasts had lots of “young, white dudes interviewing other young, white dudes.” Jessica met co-host Elsie at a conference, and started a Facebook group called “Women Who Podcast.” The group took flight and Jessica and Elsie decided to start “She Podcasts.”

“She Podcasts” has a goal to empower women and podcasters in general and to have their voices heard by sharing tools of the trade. Jessica and Elsie invite listeners to join their community and attend inclusive events for women and non-binary podcasters, in addition to posting episodes. Their conferences, workshops, and webinars are safe spaces and grand-scale bonus versions of episodes IRL.

When Sheletta Brundidge stopped by Podsauce to chat with Alesha and Dax, she shared her love for educational podcasts and picked “She Podcasts.” When Sheletta first started her podcast network, SHEletta Makes Me Laugh, “She Podcasts” was an invaluable resource for learning the industry’s ins-and-outs. Sheletta had no previous knowledge on how to start her own series, and considers “She Podcasts” a beautiful gift. Sheletta learned about the structure of podcasting, creating a company, what works well, and more.

So, if you’re thinking about starting your own podcast, already streaming, and/or want to stay in-the-know with podcasting news, check out “She Podcasts” wherever you listen.

Listen to ‘She Podcasts’

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