‘Solvable’ aims to uncover solutions to the problems in pretty much everything – from reality TV to climate change and more

Society & Culture May 9, 2022
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While terrifyingly daunting, the world’s biggest problems aren’t without solutions. And those solutions aren’t always all that complicated. Ronald Young Jr. hosts the Pushkin Industries podcast “Solvable,” where he interviews some of the world’s most innovative thinkers about their proposed solutions to anything from climate change to kidney failure to reality television.

You can hear new episodes of this podcast on the second Tuesday of every month. Episodes of “Solvable” are as short and sweet as can be: averaging at around 20 minutes long and never exceeding half an hour. Despite these short episodes, you have hours of listening ahead of you as there are over 100 episodes of this podcast.

“Solvable” tackles the world’s problems in a way that makes them seem not so daunting. While Ronald and his guests explain and acknowledge the complexity of the issues we are faced with as humans, they know that everything can be broken down into refreshing simplicity. Not only that, “Solvable” is not focusing on the doom-ism of these problems, but instead revolves around ideas of hope, inspiration, and unity.

These problems and the people working to solve them are equally fascinating. Recently, Laila Shabir, CEO and co-founder of Girls Make Games, joined Ronald to talk about solving the problem of misogyny in video game design. She discusses her mission to get more women and girls into the game design industry, tells us how the industry became such a harmful and scary place for women, and shares games that her studio has created.

Earlier, you probably read that there is an entire episode of “Unsolvable” about reality television, because reality television definitely needs some changes. Ronald speaks with Lizzy Pace and Chad Kultgen, hosts of the popular Bachelor franchise podcast “Game of Roses,” about the many issues the show has not solved. From the complete lack of people of color on The Bachelor to producer-manufactured storylines, the two podcast hosts discuss their solutions for the show and other reality shows like it.

“Solvable” has covered topics both vast and seemingly very niche. From extreme poverty in New York City to global hunger to even bad habits, there are solutions out there. Solving these problems can come with a lot of negativity, so we love the perspective this Pushkin podcast takes with every problem it faces. Be sure to check out “Solvable.”

Listen to ‘Solvable’

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