Have you ever looked at the sky only to find it staring right back? ‘Somewhere in the Skies’ explores all things UFOs and unexplained

Science May 6, 2022
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If you’re obsessed with UFOs, aliens, and the possibility that they are out there, then you’re not alone (cue The X-Files theme). Author and television host Ryan Sprague is passionate about the prospect of life-not-on-Earth and is determined to find answers in his podcast “Somewhere in the Skies.” On his podcast, he dives into the history of UFO spottings and abductions, hears witness accounts, and speaks with scientists, astrophysicists, former Air Force officials, and more all about the mysteries of space.

Stream the nearly 300 episodes of “Somewhere in the Skies” in any order. Episodes can be anywhere from 40 minutes to two hours long, depending on the guest. On this podcast, you can hear new UFO news (remember when the Pentagon decided to randomly tell us that UFOs exist?), listener stories about UFO sightings, and special guest interviews.

Ryan has interviewed a wide variety of experts on “Somewhere in the Skies.” He’s spoken with people like theoretical physicist and Harvard professor Avi Loeb, space journalists, authors, and plenty of astrophysicists. He’s chatted with former U.S. Air Force Nuclear Technicians about the strange phenomena they’ve witnessed and talked all about UFO conspiracy theories with space journalists. Ryan’s a truly incredible interviewer who obviously does his research on every single one of his guests, keeping every episode equally entertaining and fascinating.

Episodes can take on many different formats. There are plenty of episodes featuring solely Ryan and his research on historical UFO sightings and abductions. Other times, he’s joined by guests to discuss their recent publications, discoveries, and even first-hand experiences with unidentified aerial phenomena.

Every once in a while, episodes are purely listener stories about UFO sightings from around the world. From strange lights floating in the sky to odd flying objects that resemble everything from a tic-tac to metallic sphere, plenty of people have stories about looking towards the sky only to find it staring right back.

Whether you’re a skeptic or a believer, “Somewhere in the Skies” has something for everyone. It’s filled with all the space talk you could possibly want, features highly regarded guests, amazing interviews, and even delves into the paranormal side of ufology. Be sure to check out “Somewhere in the Skies” as well as Podsauce’s recent interview with Ryan himself.

Listen to ‘Somewhere in the Skies’

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