Your favorite true crime YouTube show ‘BrainScratch’ takes podcast form in ‘Seriously Mysterious’

True Crime August 3, 2022
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For over 5 years, John Lordan has scrupulously investigated mysteries and crimes on his YouTube series, BrainScratch. Lordan is sharing the most interesting true crimes he has researched on his podcast and looks into newer cases. Episodes delve into missing persons reports, unsolved murders, unexplained events, and any story that’s “Seriously Mysterious.”

Start the weekly series in any order with episodes focusing one case each. This podcast’s episodes are on the shorter side, with over 70 episodes running 25 minutes on average. Some episodes are divvied into multiple parts, such as episodes on The Zodiac Killer and Alissa Turney’s disappearance that we recommend streaming in chronological order.

Lordan covers well-known and obscure cases, and he is joined by guests like fellow podcasters, authors, and more. For missing persons and cold cases, Lordan wants to bring awareness to these crimes in hopes of solving cases and uncovering more information in the future.

On an episode about Son of Sam, Lordan questioned if David Berkowitz was part of a cult or working alone. Berkowitz terrorized New York City in the 1970s, killed 6, wounded 9, and is serving decades in jail.

Alien stories and legends surround Mount Shasta, a site where disappearances have been reported, and Lordan explored unsolved cases from the area.

Episodes look at older cases like Dorothy Kilgallen’s life and death, a journalist, radio and TV personality, wife, and mother. Her friends included JFK and Marilyn Monroe, and before her death, she was on the brink of publishing one of the biggest stories of the 20th century – who really killed JFK. People wondered if she was killed in order to be silenced and take this alleged information with her to the grave.

London resident Sarah Everard was abducted and killed in 2021, sparking a worldwide conversation on safety and trust. The 33-year-old was raped and murdered by a police officer who was charged with four additional counts of indecent assault for other crimes he committed.

There are unsolved cases like Annie Schmidt’s, a girl who went for a hike and never returned. In another episode, The Ohio Outdoorsman Killer believed he would get away with his crimes, and we learned how law enforcement finally tracked him down even though there weren’t any witnesses.

When a three-year-old’s caretakers sought medical attention, and it was determined the child had been attacked. An episode unpacks who was responsible and how they were brought to justice. Other cases are still waiting for justice – in 2003, Charlene Downes went missing in Blackpool, England. The episode on Rae Elaine Tourtillott’s case points out the challenges and resilience of the Menominee Tribe as her family continues to fight for justice and help other families in similar situations.

“Seriously Mysterious” has some seriously interesting stories to share for true crime fans. Check out new, weekly episodes, especially if you’re looking for shorter episodes to stream.

Listen to ‘Seriously Mysterious’

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