#SpookySZN: the spookiest of the Karen stories are dissected in the ‘r/Slash’ podcast

Comedy October 6, 2021
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Is there anything spookier than a real-life Karen?

Reddit has been providing us with a gold mine of hilarious and infuriating stories, all freely available for the internet to indulge in. Popular subreddits like r/Choosingbeggars, r/AmITheA**hole, and r/Entitledparents make us thankful that we were instilled the importance of manners from a young age. But there is one subreddit so powerful, so deeply shameful, so humiliatingly horrifying that we had to feature this episode of the “r/Slash” podcast.

This episode comes from the r/F-youkaren, and it’s titled “BEHOLD! I AM MEGA-KAREN!” Our beloved creator and host of “r/Slash,” Dabney M. Bailey, dove into this subreddit for the first time on July 31st of this year. It’s filled with the worst that Karens have to offer, from being terrible to service workers, gate-keeping veganism, and an unfortunate amount of racism.

Typically, our host does his best to imitate what he thinks the Reddit posters would sound like, but for the sake of his vocal chords, he tones it down for this one. His first story is a posting about the aforementioned vegan, who, after complimenting someone’s tofurkey recipe, then accused the non-vegan of appropriating veganism – which is definitely not the proper 10 dollar word to be using.

There’s Karens at PetSmart, Karens at small-businesses, Karens at bakeries, you name it! Long anonymous letters sent to businesses requiring masks (because we all know the Karen population increased ten-fold in the pandemic) and longer Facebook posts that are somehow not apologizing for being racist. All those words, and not a single one of them was “sorry!”

“r/Slash” has Karen’s trying to take down the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe and a male Karen upset that someone is sitting on the grass at their apartment building. In the end, we are just thankful that Bailey didn’t do his Karen voice for 20 minutes straight.

No Karen gets a pass, except Whoopi Goldberg, whose birth name is Caryn. So, do yourself a favor and get a real scare with “r/Slash” podcast. Because people like this do exist, and that is the scariest part of all.

Listen to ‘rSlash’

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