‘That Chapter Podcast’ brings the popular YouTuber’s true crime storytelling to the podcast space

True Crime February 11, 2023
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“That Chapter Podcast” is brought to you by the popular true crime YouTube channel by the same name. Tackling the grisliest cases, horrors, strange stories, and other crimes, the series just started releasing podcast episodes this February. The host, Mike, likes to sprinkle humor in episodes to lighten heavier topics in episodes.

Mike used to post 2 YouTube videos per week and now uploads 1 video a week on average since he’s shifting toward podcasting. Stream the podcast episodes in any order with standalone cases. So far, the episodes run less than an hour on average.

Before getting into two people who took matters into their own hands and sought revenge, Mike shared how the podcast will differ from his YouTube channel. He looks forward to diving deeper into even weirder true crime topics and creepy stories in the series. Mike said he will be joined by special guests from time to time.

Kentucky and Tennessee’s back woods were stalked by three serial killers in the 1700s. In the second episode, we’re introduced to the Harpe Brothers and the Mason of the Woods, known as some of America’s first serial killers. Aside from killing, the Harpe Brothers were highwaymen and river pirates. There are numerous legends about the brothers, like how they allegedly fought on both sides of the American Revolutionary War. All three serial killers navigated the frontier until their deaths.

Marissa DeVault had a lot, but was hungry for more. She decided the best plan of action was to go for life insurance. She intended to cash out an insurance plan, and this rolled out unintended results.

In 2009, DeVault bashed in her husband Dale Harrell’s head with a claw hammer. The morning of her attack, DeVault confessed to police and claimed the attack was in self-defense. DeVault claimed she was victimized by her husband’s abuse for years. The prosecutors believed that DeVault had killed her husband to collect his life insurance policies. There are so many disturbing details in this case, that you’ll hear all about in episode three.

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Listen to ‘That Chapter Podcast’

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