‘The AMC+ Interview with the Vampire Podcast’ is the official companion listen to AMC’s new adaptation of Anne Rice’s iconic novel

TV & Film October 1, 2022
Listen to ‘The AMC+ Interview with the Vampire Podcast’

Based on Anne Rice’s 1976 gothic novel, AMC’s Interview with the Vampire premieres on October 2. The new TV adaptation is set in 2022 and follows vampire Louis de Pointe du Lac’s life in Dubai. The immortal vampire, played by Jacob Anderson, lives in the Emirates and is set with a team of personal assistants offering their blood at his beck and call. 

He is eager to share the story of his life and afterlife with journalist Daniel Molloy (Eric Bogosian). Louis brings listeners to the early 20th-century in New Orleans when he was a businessman operating clubs to support his family. Louis recounts his relationship with a vampire named Lestat du Lioncourt (Sam Reid), and we see their family dynamics, meet a kid vampire named Claudia (Bailey Bass), and more about the immortal family’s life in New Orleans. As Louis’ interview unfolds, Daniel learns the vampire’s story and uncovers truths.

“The AMC+ Interview with the Vampire Podcast” is the official companion series to AMC’s modern TV adaptation. Every week, comedian/actor/writer/vampire enthusiast Naomi Ekpergin recaps the series with the show’s cast and crew to share behind the scenes stories. Naomi will deep-dive into vampires with horror experts and chat about Anne Rice’s iconic work.

Stream this podcast from the beginning after watching the latest episodes on AMC. The first pre-premiere episode gives listeners a sneak peek of the TV series with exclusive audio, snippets of Naomi’s conversations with actors Eric Bogosian (Daniel Malloy) and Jacob Anderson (Louis). We’ll also hear why horror expert, author, and educator Tananarive Due believes Anne Rice had such an affinity for vampires. 

Tom Hanks and Brad Pitt starred in the 1994 movie adaption of Interview with a Vampire. This podcast is brought to you by AMC with Pineapple Street Studios.

Tune in weekly for new episodes wherever you listen to your favorite podcasts.

Listen to ‘The AMC+ Interview with the Vampire Podcast’

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