More details on the crimes of a real-life Saul Goodman in the Apple TV+ docuseries’ companion podcast ‘The Big Conn: The Official Podcast’

TV & Film May 11, 2022
Listen to ‘The Big Conn: The Official Podcast’

If you’ve been obsessed with Apple TV+’s newest docuseries The Big Conn, then you need to check out its new companion podcast “The Big Conn: The Official Podcast.” This 4-part documentary series tells the unbelievable story of Eric C. Conn, a Kentucky lawyer who defrauded the government over 500 million dollars through the Social Security program. This podcast’s episodes will premiere alongside new episodes of The Big Conn, exploring more of Conn’s life that didn’t fit into the script and featuring additional interviews.

“The Big Conn: The Official Podcast” is being hosted by the show’s executive producers and directors James Lee Hernandez and Brian Lazarte. This podcast and show debuted on Friday, May 6, and episodes of the podcast are looking to be around 40 minutes long. This audio series is a part of the Apple TV+ Original podcasts which include shows like “Hooked,” “The Line,” “Wild Things: Siegfried & Roy,” and more.

People can’t help but compare Eric Conn to Better Call Saul‘s Saul Goodman. With his colorful ties, can’t-miss yellow billboards as far as the eye can see, and connections to crooked judges and doctors, Eric Conn was basically made for TV. He also pulled off the biggest Social Security scam in the history of the program. Everyone thought that Eric Conn was the best Social Security disability lawyer in the country. Whether from an on-the-job injury or chronic illness, Eric Conn was winning people benefits left and right – until he admitted in 2017 that he was a total fraud.

In the podcast, hosts James and Brian will be telling us everything that didn’t fit into the docuseries. They’ll even be speaking to people who didn’t agree to be a part of the TV series, but agreed to be on this companion podcast. You’ll go deeper into this story that involves spraying pheromones on lawyers, bordellos in Thailand, voodoo dolls, more ex-wives than you could possibly imagine, and escaping the country.

James and Brian promise that The Big Conn is unlike any fugitive story we’ve ever heard. Learn more about the characters in the documentary, get exclusive behind-the-scenes information and interviews, and see if you can believe the life and crimes of Eric C. Conn.

Listen to ‘The Big Conn: The Official Podcast’

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