A Soviet spy, an aunt’s double life, ‘The Bomb,’ and the man who stole it: season 2 continues the story

History July 29, 2022
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BBC Podcasts presents “The Bomb,” a history podcast chronicling a spy’s story, a great-aunt’s double life, and the atomic bomb. Season 1 looks at the scientist who could have stopped the atomic bomb. Now in its second season, hear a compelling tale about the man who stole the bomb. Season 1 is hosted by Emily Strasser, featuring interviews, historical context, and insight on how these events shaped the world.

Stream the series from the beginning of season 1 to catch the whole narrative, with all episodes averaging less than 40 minutes each.

Season 1 starts in the 1920s. Before fleeing Berlin and the Nazis, Leo Szilard was an unknown scientist who befriended world-class physicists like Albert Einstein. Leo arrived in London and discovered how to harness nuclear power and its destructive potential. These events led to creating the first atomic bomb and changing history.

In London, Leo had to share nuclear threat possibilities with the scientific community and sought out Winston Churchill’s friend, Frederick Lindemann. At the same time, scientists in Germany made a ground-breaking discovery.

Leo was concerned that the Nazis were going to create the first nuclear bomb, needed to contact the US government, and asked Albert Einstein for help. Episode 4 shared how Pearl Harbor’s attack changed the world and Leo’s project. After the Japanese attacked US ships, America declared war on Japan. Leo’s original project got out of control. He found himself on the FBI’s radar and was threatened by Manhattan Project’s leaders. Leo was worried the first nuclear bomb would be used on Japan.

In season 1, episode 6, hear how Manhattan Project’s scientists tested the first nuclear bomb and Leo’s last-ditch efforts to persuade the US to not bomb Japan. While working at Chicago’s Met Lab, Leo tried to contact the US president, but did not know if the message would be received in time. Season 1’s last episode shares personal accounts from the nuclear bombing of Hiroshima on August 7, 1945. Host Emily explores how the bombing changed the world and if people have simply accepted this as part of history.

Scientist Klaus Fuchs was a spy. In season 2, we learn that Klaus stole secrets and fed them to the Soviet Union. Emily recounts the history and chats with producer Zak Brophy about the man who stole the bomb after working on the British American atomic bomb project.

Season 2 is hosted by Rosa Ellis, a spymaster’s niece. She’ll detail her family’s secrets, her aunt’s double life, and how Klaus went from being a German pacifist to a Soviet spy. This season will also explore the harrowing race to create the atomic bomb.

Check out new episodes of “The Bomb” this July, wherever you listen to your favorite podcasts.

Listen to ‘The Bomb’

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