‘Violating Community Guidelines with Brittany Broski and Sarah Schauer’ is a hilariously chaotic dive into weirdest the web has to offer

Comedy January 13, 2022
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Listen to ‘Violating Community Guidelines with Brittany Broski and Sarah Schauer’

Like they’ve been doing on their YouTube channels, Brittany Broski (you may know her as her viral meme identity, Kombucha Girl) and Sarah Schauer are scouring the world wide web for the weirdest content that’s hopefully not popping up on your feed. “Violating Community Guidelines with Brittany Broski and Sarah Schauer” dares to ask the question: what kind of person uses Facebook Marketplace? And how can we stop them?

A new podcast from Studio71, “Violating Community Guidelines” is exploring the shadowbanned, the taboo, and the straightup bizarre content that social media provides us. From gun sellers on Facebook Marketplace to deep fakes on TikTok to AI Influencers on Instagram, Brittany and Sarah are here to ask how these aren’t violating the guidelines. This first episode was 50 minutes long and we are expecting subsequent episodes to be that length as well.

Not only is this inaugural episode a cheerful cringe-fest at the state of the social media platform that once changed the world, but it’s an analysis of the downfall of Facebook’s popularity amongst people under 45.

This first episode is, yes, all about Facebook Marketplace. The dying medium of Facebook that has been overrun by Boomers and Gen Xers somehow has a thriving industry of selling things like Cheetos that look like other things that aren’t Cheetos, lightly pooped-in pants, the dustiest PS4 you’ve seen in your life, iPhones that are definitely not iPhones, and a $50,000 clump of pretzels.

On “Violating Community Guidelines,” not only will Brittany and Sarah be presenting us with their strangest internet findings, but giving us tips on how to sell things to and purchase things from strangers on the internet. Those tips are firstly, don’t go to a stranger’s house. And, if you must, bring a gun and a friend. Their words, not ours.

Brittany and Sarah have brought their uniquely hilarious chemistry and insight to “Violating Community Guidelines,” bouncing off of one another with ease and chuckling themselves into a tizzy. Their banter is something we could listen to all day, and we are thrilled to have this weekly podcast to provide us with consistent Brittany/Sarah content. The duo couldn’t possibly be boring; we’d listen to them rattle off the phonebook if we had to. This episode is a touch chaotic and a whole lot of funny, everything we expected from these future national treasures.

It’s no surprise that the Youtubers/TikTokers/Vine stars/social media personalities/up-and-coming comedians have taken the plunge into podcasts. The two live together in Los Angeles and call themselves cousins, although they don’t have the bloodline to prove it. They frequently make YouTube content together on their channels, which usually revolves around a similar topic to that of this podcast. They’re currently in the midst of a series on Sarah’s channel titled “Zillow Gone Wild,” where they dive into the weirdest, creepiest, most over-the-top listings on Zillow.

Be sure to check out this first episode of “Violating Community Guidelines with Brittany Broski and Sarah Schauer,” this duo is one of the few good things to come out of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Listen to ‘Violating Community Guidelines with Brittany Broski and Sarah Schauer’

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