Will Ferrell, Matt Rogers, and Bowen Yang lead the ‘Clown Parade:’ a hilarious series boosting comedy’s next generation

Comedy August 24, 2022
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Will Ferrell, Matt Rogers, and Bowen Yang lead the “Clown Parade” – a new, anthological character-driven podcast curated by this golden comedic triad. You might recognize Matt and Bowen from “Las Culturistas,” a series diving into pop culture and chatting with guests.

“Clown Parade” takes a cue from “The Ron Burgundy Podcast” where Will interviews guests in-character as Anchorman. This podcast features a vibrant lineup of comedians curated by the hosts to highlight inclusivity, representation, and boost the latest generation of comedy.

Start the podcast from the beginning of each character’s miniseries. The average story arc spans 4 episodes with each part running less than 35 minutes. This season, we’re looking forward to hearing from guests like Rekha Shankar, Chris Burns, Desi Domo, Raphael Chestang, Milly Tamarez, Sarah Smallwood Parsons, Steve Han, and Sudi Green.

Actress and podcaster Greta Titelman (“Senior Superlatives”) joined the first 4 episodes for “The Husband Hunt with Stepmom,” unveiling how to spot the best prey, move-making tactics, and what to wear on the prowl. Her character answers listeners’ questions and doles out advice before recommending how to “capture” and “secure,” complete with details for your “filthy rich future by making it legal.”

Latino comedian/writer/satirist Martin Urbano played game show host Don Saldivar taking center stage in rip-off game show productions. On a show like the Weakest Link, contestants answer rapid-fire questions and hope to avoid getting called a weak loser. The goal of Don’s Cash Cab-inspired game is simple: Don picks up passengers, puts them in his trunk, and forces them to compete in games.

In Martin Urbano’s “Cash Trunk” episode, you’ll hear characters voiced by Joey Dardano, Mary Houlihan, and Danny Palumbo. There is a Deal or No Deal rip-off episode where contestants undergo a mock trial intent on winning a cash prize. If contestants lose, they are sent to jail.

Tune in to hear up-and-coming comedic voices on “Clown Parade,” presented by Big Money Players and iHeartPodcasts.

Listen to ‘Clown Parade’

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