A brothel disguised as religious freedom? ‘Witnessed: Mystic Mother’ investigates Phoenix Goddess Temple

True Crime September 19, 2022
Witnessed: Mystic Mother
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Since 2009, Arizona’s Phoenix Goddess Temple called itself a new kind of church allowing “seekers” to heal through “sensual touch.” The state believed this organization was actually a brothel operating under the umbrella of religious freedom. When undercover detectives went behind the “temple’s” closed doors and explored its operations, they learned how this “spiritual home” claimed it was a church while breaking various laws.

In “Witnessed: Mystic Mother,” hosts Katie and Leah Henoch investigated Phoenix Goddess Temple’s story and shared how the community is still grappling with the drama over 10 years later. Suspicions were raised when authorities received tips from Phoenix’s residents about a possible prostitution ring in the area.

All 8 episodes of this podcast will be released over the next few weeks and available early for subscribers. Start the podcast from episode 1 with each part running less than 45 minutes to hear about the founder Tracy Elise, who started this operation in 2007 in a private residence. Elise allegedly worked with a brothel in Seattle, Washington until it was shut down in 2009. The police’s investigation eventually led to another brothel operated by Goddess Temple in Sedona, Arizona.

On the podcast, hear the complete investigation unfold, the coded language the “temple” used to initially avoid raising red flags, and what happened at Elise’s trial. When a reporter visited the “temple” and witnessed events like a “whole body healing” session, the story was published in the local paper, and police investigated undercover over 6 months. A search warrant was granted, and members were arrested and charged with prostitution, pandering, and conspiracy.

Each “Witnessed” season covers a different story. Season 1 examined a drug bust and season 2 investigated a K-9 officer’s shooting. Fans of “Twin Flames” and “HeidiWorld: The Heidi Fleiss Story” might also enjoy “Witnessed: Mystic Mother.” New episodes are released through October 18 wherever you stream your favorite shows.

Listen to ‘Witnessed: Mystic Mother’

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