Wyatt Russell voices an assassin attempting to escape from Ravenholm Institute in the comedy fiction series ‘Classified’

Fiction February 24, 2022
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In QCODE’s comedy fiction series, “Classified,” Ivan Harris is an assassin undergoing treatment at Ravenholm Institute – although he thinks he’s sane. Doctor Bell believes Ivan is delusional and needs to continue his treatment plan consisting of painful procedures, therapy, and a watchful eye. Ivan has a different future in mind and devises an escape plan with his fellow patients.

“Classified” is a mystery series for fans of podcasts like “Blackout,” “The Left Right Game,” and “Borrasca.” Start the comedy fiction series from episode one, with each part running less than an hour. Wyatt Russell lends his voice to Ivan, and Doctor Bell is voiced by Monica Potter. We learn what circumstances sent Ivan to Ravenholm, why his cries and claims of sanity were ignored, and what made the facility so mysterious.

Ivan hopes to break out of Ravenholm and find his partner Odessa, and we’re unsure if she’s real or not. In episode 1, we learn that Ivan has an imaginary friend named Lark, voiced by Brent Jennings, who wants to help him escape. By episode 2, Ivan attends a group therapy session with other patients, and they share backstories. Ivan encounters someone from his past, and Lark fleshes out the escape plan with Ivan, who agrees. He needs to distract the guards and undergo horrible procedures in the meantime.

Doctor Bell’s suspicions rise by episode 4, as Ivan rounds up a team of patients selected for their skillsets. He must work with their troublesome personalities and get their plan rolling. Will they escape? Is Lark only a figment of Ivan’s imagination? Was Ivan actually an assassin to begin with? We’ll have to tune in to find out.

“Classified” was created by Spenser Cohen and Anna Halberg. Cohen and Halberg have three upcoming movie releases including Moonfall (released February 4, starring Halle Berry), Distant, and Ivy. Among other films, Cohen previously wrote Netflix’s Extinction, released in 2018, starring Michael Peña and Lizzy Caplan.

Tune into new episodes for free on Mondays. 2 additional episodes are available weekly for QCODE+ subscribers on streaming platforms.

Listen to ‘Classified’

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