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Sports November 10, 2021
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Audacy presents “You Better You Bet,” a daily sports betting podcast breaking down matchups and forecasts with hosts Nick Kostos and Ken Barkley. Episodes cover all sports arenas and gambling options with over 2,000 episodes. The average run time of episodes is fifteen minutes, so if you’re looking to bet this week, you’ll quickly be up-to-speed. This series is part of the BET QL Audio Network, and the hosts are frequently joined by guests to share their best bets.

On a recent episode of Podsauce, “You Better You Bet’s” hosts Nick and Ken told hosts Alesha and Dax how they transitioned their hobbies into a podcast! Betting was once Ken’s side hustle before joining the show. Nick and Ken started “You Better You Bet” in September 2019 and are grateful for how the show has grown.

Nick said their show is “wagertainment,” mixing smart analysis with humor and entertainment sprinkled in with gambling and sports commentary. Sports betting is a niche area, as it’s becoming legalized in more places and more people are getting into it.

Nick and Ken are authentically themselves on the show, whether discussing bets or tidbits from their life, the podcast has been receiving amazing audience feedback. During 2020, they mainly reported on golf and soccer as things were slowly reopening post-quarantine, and the hosts said fans kept tuning in. And now, they’re thrilled all sports are back in action.

Nick said sports betting is a great way for states to recoup revenue lost during the pandemic, like in Connecticut, where Ken lives.

To prepare for a Thursday Night Football Matchup, Nick and Ken talked about the Jets-Colts. Pro Sports Bettor Rob Pizzola recently joined the podcast to weigh in on NFL Week 9’s card and prop plays. Fantasy Football is a hot topic!

Mike Somich joined the show from the Del Mar Racetrack during the Breeders Cup. Alex Christenson aka NOOOPSSSS appeared on an episode about the NBA. During the first week of November, Reed Wallach shared his bets for UFC 268.

Check out new, daily episodes of “You Better You Bet” for all your sports betting needs.

Listen to ‘You Better You Bet’

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