Sean Hayes unpacks his celeb pals’ most gruesome injuries alongside Dr. Priyanka Wali in ‘HypochondriActor’

Celebrity October 26, 2021
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Actor Sean Hayes is a self-proclaimed “HypochondriActor” and decided to unite comedy and medicine on a podcast with physician and comedian Dr. Priyanka Wali. In episodes, the hosts will share medical stories, ailments, and advice. On each episode, Dr. Wali will answer Sean’s questions, debunk any medical theories he has, and break down a medical topic. Celebrity guests will join the hosts with interesting medical stories of their own, and they will segue into quizzes and health-related trivia rounds.

Sean also podcasts with Will Arnett and Jason Bateman on “Smartless.” Will appeared on “HypochondriActor” to explain his MCL tear, and how he incorporates saunas and cold plunging in his wellness routine. On this episode, Sean delves into a story about his botched nose job.

Kristen Bell appeared on an episode to discuss eczema, anxiety, and depression, then battled on “Dr. Wali’s Hall of Fame” segment.

Sean’s bestie, Dax Shepard, came on the show to discuss his podcast, “Armchair Expert,” and the dozens of injuries he’s sustained over the years. Dax said one of his hobbies is asking ER doctors about the gnarliest injuries they’ve seen, and he’s interested in the medical field from a macabre point of view. Dax talked about the three times he broke his shoulder. One of his worst injuries Dax experienced was amnesia after a wakeboarding snafu. Before talking to Dax, Sean had questions about hemorrhoids.

On an episode this summer with Alec Baldwin, he dove into field ticks and Lyme Disease. Sean tries to explain his fainting and dizzy spells. Joel McHale recently shared his experience with dyslexia, memory loss, and several concussions.

Eric McCormack talked about his overuse of nasal spray and his time on Broadway. On the episode with Miranda Cosgrove, Sean learns his sensitivity is now science-based. Miranda had ankle surgery and did not know why she had a puncture in her leg afterwards.

Dr. Sanjay Gupta recently appeared on the show to discuss performing emergency brain surgery. He chatted about balancing being a doctor with his public figure work, such as TV and podcast hosting. In this same episode, Sean shares why he’s wearing a foot boot and Dr. Wali explains the correlation between a peanut allergy and a lung transplant.

Previous guests have included Leslie Odom Jr., Jimmy Kimmel and his dad, Huey Lewis, Tig Notaro, Howie Mandel, Kevin Nealon, Jim Jefferies, Chris Colfer, and Cedric The Entertainer, just to name a few.

The average episode’s length is 45 minutes. Tune in weekly for new episodes of “HypochondriActor.”

Listen to ‘HypochondriActor’

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