Dr. Sanjay Gupta’s ‘Chasing Life’ has science-based, post-quarantine advice for you

Health & Fitness September 28, 2021
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On your mark, get set, go! Chase that life of yours! CNN presents “Chasing Life,” a weekly podcast hosted by Dr. Sanjay Gupta. As people emerge from quarantine, so many folks are ready for what’s next. Dr. Gupta started the podcast in summer 2020, and converted a closet to a recording studio in his home to tackle major questions and get insight from guests. The episodes have helped listeners embrace the new normal in the wake of COVID-19.

Recent coverage includes the science of sleeping, The Olympics, and helping your elders get back to their routines after lockdown. Wondering about raising resilient kids? Or how should we think about our bodies after stressful times? This podcast will answer burning questions like these. All episodes are science-based, as Dr. Gupta hopes to share information to help you take care of yourself and flourish onwards and forwards.

Let’s get serious about laughter…

No kidding. We don’t know about you, but we can’t help but smile every time we read the word laughter. Ever tried laughing yoga? Nah, it’s not a bit of a stretch. This reminds me of goat yoga, which might actually be the greatest (workout) of all time?!? No goat rodeo here. Laugh. Pose. And repeat. Some listeners couldn’t wait to write to Dr. Gupta in a recent episode discussing laughter. Many were fans of laugh yoga. Other listeners explained how humor plays a part in their lives.

The episode also spoke with comedian Tig Notaro about how she’ll find humor in any situation. Tig and Dr. Gupta agree that laughter is the critical element in relationships with their partners. On this episode, another guest was a hospital clown from Healthy Humor Red Nose Docs. He expressed the company’s goal – to spread positivity to kids receiving medical treatments through song, dance, and comedy.

Professor and humor researcher Janet Gibson, studies the psychology of humor from a cognitive perspective. She said that laughter is a communication tool. It provides feedback of what’s happening around you and how others are feeling. Sure, watching your favorite comedian at home on YouTube is cool, but humans are social beings. Laughter works wonders in group settings, too. From an evolutionary perspective, hearing laughter signified everything was okay and nobody was in danger.

All episodes of “Chasing Life” are under 30 minutes in length. New episodes are available weekly.

Listen to ‘Chasing Life’

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