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Society & Culture December 20, 2021
Armchair Expert with Dax Shepard

Actor, director, comedian, and writer Dax Shepard emphasizes his passion for conversations and learning people’s stories on his podcast, “Armchair Expert with Dax Shepard,” brought to you by Spotify. He possesses a degree in anthropology but considers himself an “armchair expert” as he uncovers life’s truths on the show with popular guests and celebs.

Since 2018, “Armchair Expert with Dax Shepard” has released over 300 episodes and counting, hosted by Shepard, his wife Kristen Bell, and family friend Monica Padman! The average episode length is an hour long, and the conversations get super candid. When Kate Mara stopped by Podsauce to discuss “Ghostwriter” and share her picks, she said she tunes into “Armchair Expert Umbrella.”

Here are some stellar episodes with standout guests that “celebrate the messiness of being human:”

Ed Sheeran

Listen to Ed Sheeran on ‘Armchair Expert’

Ed Sheeran told Podsauce he listens to “Armchair Expert.” In November, the Grammy award-winning singer/songwriter/producer was a guest on the podcast, and they discussed wine, home renovations, songwriting, British musicians singing without accents, and more. Dax and Ed geeked out over their love for Game of Thrones, and they chatted about acting.

Gloria Steinem

Listen to Gloria Steinem on ‘Armchair Expert’

“We Are Supported By…” is an offshoot podcast of “Armchair Expert,” and it is hosted by Dax’s wife Kristen Bell and co-host Monica Padman. This special 10-episode podcast features individuals who have cracked and shattered the glass ceiling that women have struggled to break through. This episode is available on “Armchair Expert” and spotlights iconic author and feminist activist, Gloria Steinem.

Kim Kardashian West

Listen to Kim Kardashian West on ‘Armchair Expert’

On this 71-minute episode, Kim Kardashian West chatted with Kristen and Monica about family, friends, learning about herself, the world, and more. Kim also shared about her brands and building businesses.

Seth Rogen

Listen to Seth Rogen on ‘Armchair Expert’

Seth Rogen’s second appearance on the podcast explores how he’s writing his latest book, his resume of films, and his beginnings in comedy. They discuss the stigma attached to cannabis and Seth’s decision to create a high-end marijuana company.

Jessica Biel

Listen to Jessica Biel on ‘Armchair Expert’

Jessica Biel spoke with Dax about becoming a successful actress early in her career, the challenges of acting, and what it was like to develop her own production company in her 20s. The two discuss Jessica’s husband (Justin Timberlake) having a baby mid-pandemic, and parenting.

Prince Harry

Listen to Prince Harry on ‘Armchair Expert’

Prince Harry joined Dax to speak about the importance of mental health and how his experience in the military changed his life forever. He explains what it was like to be raised in a privileged environment as a member of the royal family.

Kelly Osbourne

Listen to Kelly Osbourne on ‘Armchair Expert’

TV personality, designer, actress, model, and singer Kelly Osbourne spoke with Dax about vulnerability, addiction, and their connection via AA meetings many years ago. She details life-changing experiences that happened while appearing on reality TV from an early age.

Bill Gates

Listen to Bill Gates on ‘Armchair Expert’

Monica Padman joins Dax to guest host a long-form conversation with Bill Gates about his book, How to Avoid a Climate Disaster. His book outlines a plan of action to reduce and eliminate greenhouse gas emissions over time. This conversation was recorded at the Chicago Humanities Festival.

Amy Poehler

Listen to Amy Poehler on ‘Armchair Expert’

Amy chatted with Dax about her work as an actress, writer, director, producer, and comedian. She explains how she felt like an outsider when first starting her career.

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