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Celebrity October 11, 2021
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Every week, Seth Rogen asks guests and friends if they can tell him a story, and they all deliver in major ways. Earwolf’s “Storytime with Seth Rogen” is a quirky documentary podcast unlike any before. Seth combines his signature comedic takes with guests’ conversational clips. Seth will speak with guests ranging from celebrities to unknowns, because everyone has a story.

Upcoming stories will recount events such as a life-changing movie theater encounter, grizzly bear fights in Canada, shocking family secrets, and more. Seth is constantly curious, and the stories shared on this podcast help quench his thirst for learning about people and the world.

Upcoming guests

In upcoming episodes, Seth will be joined by filmmaker Ava DuVernay, musician David Crosby, and friends. With new episodes posted weekly, we can’t wait to see who else joins Seth’s storytelling roster and hear what they have to share.

Quinta Brunson, Paul Rudd, and Dan Wilson’s stories are connected?

The first episode, “Glorious Bastards,” features Quinta Brunson, Paul Rudd, and Dan Wilson, and we find the unexpected effect their stories had on each another. Seth opens the episode by contemplating how people manifest hopes and dreams and process these ideas in reality. First, Seth speaks with formerly-devout Jehovah’s Witness, writer, actor, and comedian Quinta whose chance meeting with an actor changed her life forever.

Quinta explained her upbringing in a conservative sect of Christianity, and how she found her way to comedy. She talked about her first boyfriend and their bond over comedy while attending classes at Chicago’s Second City. Quinta spoke about branching away from the religion, taking a break from comedy, and briefly re-exploring the religion when navigating her life’s path.

Finding her way back to comedy

Quinta talked about dating in the religion and how you’re “basically married by date 3.” She started dating a Jehovah’s Witness, and they saw Inglorious Bastards in West Philadelphia. They were waiting in line for tickets when Quinta thought she saw actor Paul Rudd. She told her date, and he had no clue who Paul Rudd was. That was a bummer for Quinta because from this, she could deduce his pop culture and film reference points were lacking.

Was that Paul Rudd?

Quinta approached Paul and confirmed it was the real Paul Rudd. He said he was shooting a film in the area and wound up being so kind to Quinta and her date. They all got to the ticket counter and realized Paul was also seeing Inglorious Bastards. It was only 4 of them in the theater: Quinta, her date, Paul Rudd, and his bodyguard. They sat really far away from Paul, and Quinta was getting nervous. Paul invited Quinta and her date to sit near him.

Before the film started, Quinta told Paul all about her comedy dreams and her studies at Second City, her doubts, and how she thought about giving up her dream career path. Paul encouraged her to continue to pursue comedy and this spun Quinta into existential crisis mode. She realized she wasn’t connecting with her date, and knew she needed to get back to comedy. So Quinta exited the theater, told her date they weren’t going to work out, and she headed back to Chicago citing Paul Rudd as her savior.

Paul is known for his kindness

Seth called Paul Rudd, who appears next on the episode, and has a reputation for kindness. Seth wondered if Paul remembered his interaction with Quinta, and Paul had no recollection. He also said he never had a bodyguard in his life. The conversation swings to niceness and how to be a better person in life and in showbiz. Seth realizes Paul also taught him how to be nicer to others.

What Paul learned from his favorite band in college

Seth asked Paul how he learned to be so nice, and realized people he admired through the years were so nice to him, and Paul pays it forward. Paul recalls the time he followed the band, Trip Shakespeare, on tour. One tour date, Paul’s friends left because he wanted to hang late around the venue and chat with the band. And the band drove him home. Paul thought how cool it was that the band he worshipped consisted of some of the nicest people.

Musician Dan Wilson from Trip Shakespeare and Semisonic

Half of Trip Shakespeare went on to form the band, Semisonic, and band member Dan Wilson joined Seth to speak about Paul. He remembered how he and his bandmates enjoyed hanging out with Paul because of his great attitude, often in disbelief the band would want to hang out with him. Dan talked about people he met who he idolized over the years, including cold-calling cartoonist Richard Guindon when he wanted to pursue art. He had a meeting with Richard and gave him valuable feedback, which was super nice.

The episode fades out with a rewrite of Semisonic’s hit song, “Closing Times,” with lyrics recapping the episode in song form. This series is not to miss, especially for fans of Seth Rogen. With the twists, turns, and surprises each episode takes, you’re in for a treat.

“Storytime with Seth Rogen” is sound designed and edited by Richard Parks III, who also hosts a podcast, “Richard’s Famous Food Podcast.” Tune in weekly for new episodes of “Storytime with Seth Rogen.”

Listen to ‘Storytime with Seth Rogen’

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