Listen to these 7 horror-filled podcasts – if you dare

round up October 13, 2021

Scale the clocktower’s ladder while howling at the moon, and watch out for vengeful ghosts while you’re at it. We hear paranormal activity begins as soon as you start climbing, and it was built on an ancient burial ground, like we heard on that podcast. And we cross-referenced with creepypasta lore, so beware if you believe, and climb as you may.

Choose your adventure this spooky season with several podcasts. We’ve selected two shows as companion listens for classic and newer horror film recaps and reviews. Learn about urban legends and hear some sordid tales. Find out what lies behind the cornfields, and what to do when a possessed gnome plans to visit. Hear about family curses, the fictional The Blackwood Bugman legend investigation, cross over Witch’s Bridge for ominous field tours, and travel to the Halloween cinematic universe, if you dare. Check out our complete list of podcasts where you might be spooked and anything “ghosts.”

Scared to Death

Listen to ‘Scared to Death’

Listeners might be “Scared to Death” with Dan Cummings’ weekly fiction podcast. Dan selects horror tales in an attempt to scare his wife, Lynze, and entertain y’all. Recent stories took place in graveyards, dealt with demonic possession, visited witches, were absorbed by cults, reviewed the Hello Kitty murderer, and folks were wrapped up in basement terrors. Whew! A must-listen for horror fans! The average episode is 90 minutes long.


Listen to ‘Blackwood’

Skylark and Wondery present the fictional series, “Blackwood.” Friends Molly Weaver, Bryan Anderson, and Nathan Howell decide to start a podcast and investigate a local legend named The Blackwood Bugman. As the investigation unravels, the podcasters soon realize this is more of a story than they imagined. The friends realize The Bugman is connected to other local disappearances and murders. But just who, or what, is The Blackwood Bugman, really? The story takes a disturbing turn when the podcasters find out they’re being watched, and the lurking force will do whatever it takes to protect its secrets. All six episodes are now available to stream.

Halloween Unmasked

Listen to ‘Halloween Unmasked’

Calling all Halloween film fans out there! The Ringer’s “Halloween Unmasked” celebrates the iconic movie franchise in its eight-part series. Host and film critic Amy Nicholson delves into the slasher flicks, filmmaker John Carpenter’s work, Jamie Lee Curtis’ scream queen status, and more. Amy also analyzes the psychopathic masked killer, Michael Myers. And why he’s a focal part of the Freddy vs. Jason vs. Michael debate.


Listen to ‘Scream!’

“Scream!” is a horror film series hosted by some OG podcasters! Ash and Alaina from “Morbid: A True Crime Podcast” and Caleb from “Horror Soup” join forces to review classics and new horror films in monthly episodes. They love to share their honest opinions on films such as Beetlejuice, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Hocus Pocus, The Nun, Scary Godmother, and the Scream universe, just to name a few. They recently reviewed Fear Street over three episodes. Previous guests on the show have included actor/writer/director/producer George C. Romero, Johnny Cann and Tyler Hyde from “The Spooky Podcast,” and Rachel O’Brien from “Seven Deadly Sinners Podcast.”

The Horror Virgin

Listen to ‘The Horror Virgin’

“The Horror Virgin” is for horror fans and scaredy-cats alike! Each episode, Mikey will lead Todd, the show’s resident Horror Virgin, through a horror film journey. They’ll dedicate episodes to classics and newer releases. Recent episodes covered Get Out, Haunt, Candyman, and The People Under the Stairs, among others. They unpack which types of horror they prefer and are most disturbed by, and the gang is often joined by friends and horror fiends. The gang welcomes special guests such as comedian Kristal Adams, actor Blaine Gibson, and more. Tune in weekly for new episodes.

The NoSleep Podcast

Listen to ‘The NoSleep Podcast’

“The NoSleep Podcast” is a horror anthology series with stories from the r/nosleep subreddit. All episodes are standalone and contain a bunch of stories, ideal to stream in any order. The creepy instrumentation is extra enticing for spooky season, and it might make your skin crawl! The podcast is produced by David Cummings. 


Listen to ‘Creepy’

Jon Grilz scours the Internet for the creepiest creepypastas, urban legends, and more in his horror series, “Creepy.” In daily episodes, listeners will hear stories such as “The Pumpkin Spice Massacre,” “The Witch’s Familiar,” and “What Lies Beyond the Cornfields.” Feel free to listen in any order, and each episode features multiple stories by different writers. Learn about chilling lore like why you should leave a pumpkin and dead animal outside your door on Halloween at 3AM. Have a scary story to share? Email for your story to be considered in an upcoming episode.

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