‘An Absurd Result’ hosts debrief about the shocking crime that led to their popular true crime series

December 10, 2021

“An Absurd Result” hosts Jule Banville and Linda Glantz spoke with Podsauce hosts Dax and Alesha about their series. The true crime podcast is told from Linda’s perspective, a victim who was sexually assaulted in 1987 when a stranger broke into her family’s Montana home. On this episode of Podsauce, Jule and Linda gave a synopsis of their podcast and detailed the reactions they’ve received from listeners. Linda explained how this podcast has been empowering and brings awareness to similar, unresolved cases in America.

This shocking case took many turns over the decades, including a wrongful conviction. “An Absurd Result” explains Linda’s case and applies what happened to examine sexual assault laws that differ in each state and what this means for new evidence presented. The series also unpacks recent legislation, and Jule and Linda explained Montana’s statute of limitations, and how these laws can be problematic when new evidence arises.

Linda discussed how devastating this experience has been. She testified in the trial and told Dax and Alesha about what it was like to speak with the individual who was wrongfully convicted, how she felt when new DNA evidence became available, and the process of creating the podcast. The case was brought to the Supreme Court, and they decided not to hear it.

Linda wanted her story to be heard and asked her sister for advice. Her sister talked to her connections and began speaking with Jule in 2015, and they started working on the podcast. Listeners have been appreciative of Linda’s courage to speak out and chronologically share her story.

Later in the episode, Jule and Linda shared their podcast picks. Linda looks forward to weekly episodes of the health and fitness series, “Maintenance Phase.” Jule was inspired by NPR and Michigan Public Radio’s reporting on “Believed,” a series about the Larry Nassar sexual abuse case. For investigative true crime recommendations, Jule tunes into Wondery’s “Suspect.” Jule shared that she received top-notch advice from “Suspect” and “Over My Dead Body” (season 1) host and investigative journalist, Matt Shaer, that she applied to “An Absurd Result.”

Tune in to hear more from Jule and Linda on Podsauce. All 7 episodes of “An Absurd Result” are now streaming.

Jule and Linda’s Picks

Maintenance Phase

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Listen to ‘Suspect’

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