Head coach Steve Kerr shares which Golden State Warrior would host the best podcast

October 20, 2021

NBA legend Steve Kerr joins Podsauce to talk all about his experience as one of the original podcasters and some of his favorite podcasts out there. But first, Dax and Alesha have some podcast recommendations for us. Dax is obsessed with our Odd PodThe Walking Podcast,” in which Jon Mooallem literally just walks through the woods of the Pacific Northwest. It is ASMR perfection. Alesha recommends “This Is Actually Happening,” which shares wild true stories from the people who actually lived them, not unlike the previously mentioned “What Was That Like.”

But now on to the show with Coach Kerr. While he boasts a ridiculous amount of NBA championships, five as a player with the Chicago Bulls and San Antonio Spurs, and three as head coach of the Golden State Warriors, he also has an impressive podcasting resume. As far back as 2014, Kerr hosted “Awful Announcing” before podcasts became as popular as they are today.

He recalls his podcasting start with the iconic Bill Simmons, who has had Kerr on his own podcast, “The Bill Simmons Podcast,” multiple times after he became coach of the Warriors. During the pandemic, Kerr and Seattle Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll started “Flying Coach,” which was a way for them to talk about important issues in sports, raise money for charities, and basically find something to do in the pandemic.

Kerr and Carroll hosted the first season, having on guests of equal accomplishments like author and speaker Dr. Bréne Brown, manager Dave Roberts, and head coach Gregg Popovich to have discussions on the more profound aspects of sports. They cover topics from handling a championship loss, the effect of Moneyball and The Blind Side on sports, keys to negotiating, leadership voids, and more.

When asked if he were to ever start a new podcast and what it would be about, Kerr said he would love to start a podcast about either golf, baseball, cooking (with more expertise), or current events. He also talks about the Golden State Warriors and Chase Bank podcast “Beyond 28,” a podcast that seeks to celebrate and honor the Black community beyond the 28 days of February.

As for what he is listening to right now, Coach Kerr and Dax bond over their love for “Smartless.” He also said that if anyone on his Warriors were to have the best podcast, Andre Iguodala could host a podcast about anything he wanted.

To wrap up, Dax and Alesha serenade us with their well rehearsed musical number for our Done In A Day podcast of the week, which is “Mystery Show.” That’s all for this episode, folks, be sure check out all of the podcasts mentioned down below.

Odd Pod

The Walking Podcast

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Alesha’s Pick

This Is Actually Happening

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Done In A Day

Mystery Show

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Steve Kerr’s Picks


Listen to ‘Smartless’


Listen to ‘Beyond28’

The Bill Simmons Podcast

Listen to ‘The Bill Simmons Podcast’

Flying Coach

Listen to ‘Flying Coach’

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