Odd Pod: ‘All Fantasy Everything’ is a comedic pop culture drafting delight

Comedy October 22, 2021
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“All Fantasy Everything” is Podsauce’s Odd Pod pick of the week and a comedic delight! Have you ever thought about the concept of drafting and applying it to just about everything else besides sports? This podcast delivers with rotating hosts, experts, and guests to draft things they like with things they don’t including music, movies, sandwiches, world records, food from convenience stores, and more.

Podsauce’s Dax and Alesha are fantasy drafting fans! Dax listened to the episode about artists you don’t like who sing quality songs, such as the hosts’ example of the song “Picture,” but not by artist Kid Rock. Alesha and Dax love this concept and discuss their snack drafting possibilities, including Alesha’s recommendation to add nacho cheese to Doritos. In terms of old school video games, Alesha would draft Nintendo’s “Contra” and Dax went with “Super Mario Brothers.”

Recently on “All Fantasy Everything,” hosts Sean Jordan and David Gborie drafted superhero actors in non-superhero roles. Other hot topics included rappers who act, zaddies, what things are funny when they happen to someone else, and house party jams. They looked at insults without curse words, fictional musician/band drafting lineups, and “Groundhog Day Days.”

It’s fall, and this show dove into soups with Katie Nolan, picking chicken noodle soup with soda on the side, clam chowder, and more. One of the hosts’ favorite recent drafts was words that start with “J.” The episode, “Excuses,” compares the most ridiculous lies they’ve heard and selects ones they’ve used themselves. They had a “capital idea” by drafting capital cities. The hosts had a ball on the “Movies/Books/Songs We Would’ve Written Eventually” episode.

The “All Fantasy Everything” gang opens their mail bag on episodes to answer listeners’ questions and they also accept fans’ topic suggestions for future episodes.

Average episode length is two hours with over 250 episodes to choose from. Tune in for new weekly episodes. “All Fantasy Everything” is a Headgum production.

Listen to ‘All Fantasy Everything’

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