Recently crowned Sports Podcast Awards’ Big Hitter, ‘The Fantasy Footballers’ will have you at the top of your fantasy league – even in the off-season

Sports March 31, 2022
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Recently crowned The Big Hitter Award at the first-ever 2022 Sports Podcast Awards, Andy Holloway and the gang are sure to give you all the football knowledge you need – even in the off-season. How about instead of rooting for your home team who won’t be making it to the next Super Bowl anyway (the New York Giants will return to glory someday), you try your hand at fantasy football? “But how?!” you exclaim, “so many players, so many teams, and far too much math!” Well, that’s where “The Fantasy Footballers” come in.

Andy Holloway of “The Fantasy Footballers” recently joined the Podsauce crew to talk about the allure, artistry, and brutal competition that is fantasy football. Every weekday, Holloway sits down with his co-hosts Jason Moore and Mike “The Fantasy Hitman” Wright to break down the world of fantasy football. Giving analysis, advice, and voicing their opinions on who to look out for each week, “The Fantasy Footballers” is the number one podcast people turn to when the season starts.

As Holloway puts it, competing in fantasy football is a great way to get excited about more than one game a week. It gives an extra edge to every game being played as you root for the players you picked to perform at peak levels.

The trio of experts breaks down every matchup of every week, advising listeners on who they think should be traded, picked up, or avoided entirely. They also give you the newest NFL news at the top of every episode – updates on who’s hurt, who’s off the IL, who’s lost their starting position, and more.

They methodically breakdown their top quarterbacks, tight ends, running backs, and wide receiver combinations for maximum fantasy points. Since they go head-to-head-to-head with each other, they are always right there with you, wanting to draft the best possible team to beat their friends.

You don’t need to watch 16 games a week to participate in fantasy football. You don’t need to follow every player and look at every single stat. Because “The Fantasy Footballers” do that for you. They have garnered a huge following and created a community of fans (that call themselves “The Foot Clan”) that connect over their love for football. So what are you doing still reading? Go! Embrace the competition and cheat just a little bit with “The Fantasy Footballers” in your pocket.

Listen to ‘The Fantasy Footballers’

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