‘Golden Girls’ meets reality TV on ‘BEING Golden:’ a reality audio series celebrating life after 60

Society & Culture November 23, 2022
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Lemonada’s podcast “BEING Golden” follows a group of 4 seniors living their best lives over 60. Be a fly on the wall as Buzz, Gloria, Elise, and Henri journey through life in episodes that Golden Girls fans and reality TV stans will love. From friendship, family, retirement, dating, and sex to chasing dreams, dealing with money issues, and more, this “audio reality” series is a heart-warming listen for adults of all ages.

Stream the series from the beginning to hear each senior’s story. So far, all episodes clock in under an hour, and there are several bonus episodes filled with deleted scenes for subscribers.

“BEING Golden” kicks off with Buzz’s experiences as a 71-year-old former sales and marketing executive who wanted to change his life and moved to Los Angeles. Buzz had his sights set on acting and started working as a rideshare driver to support himself while ignoring any objections from his grown-up kids.

We’ll also meet 71-year-old retiree Gloria “with a past as spicy as her personality.” She reminisces about her dating history and believes she’s ready to start swiping on dating apps. In the series, Gloria discovers past trauma and finds it difficult to trust others with her extensive history of dating liars and cheaters.

Henri, a 62-year-old, hails from Chicago. She recently reconnected with a son she gave up for adoption 40 years ago. Henri details why she put him up for adoption and the course her life has taken since then.

60-year-old optometrist and businesswoman Elise moonlights as a model. She enjoys competing in beauty pageants, yet experiences some drama when she clashes with Gloria’s views on the pageant scene. In episode 4, Buzz receives alarming news from his doctor and seeks alternate kinds of exercise. Later on, Buzz gets back in touch with an old flame.

Gloria dives into some “modern ideas of youth today” and explores legal marijuana edibles, ethical non-monogamy, and invites Buzz to learn more about polyamorous lifestyles at an event. By episode 6, the entire cast meditates on life and death as Gloria’s sister-in-law celebrates her 100th birthday.

Upcoming episodes of “BEING Golden” will be released weekly wherever you listen to your favorite podcasts.

Listen to ‘BEING Golden’

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