8 wild podcasts to celebrate World Wildlife Day

Education March 3, 2023

Go wild on World Wildlife Day with educational podcasts like “Just the Zoo of Us,” “30 Animals That Made Us Smarter,” “Nature Guys,” and more. It’s a special day to remember that humans depend on animals and a healthy ecosystem. This day also raises awareness for animals’ rights, welfare, and making the world a better place.

Tune into these informative podcasts on your favorite species, lesser-known animal facts, and tidbits about our wonderful world.

The Wild with Chris Morgan image

The Wild with Chris Morgan

Listen to ‘The Wild with Chris Morgan’

KUOW News and Information’s “The Wild with Chris Morgan” explores how nature thrives alongside humans. Episodes trek through the Pacific Northwest and around the world to share stories from people protecting the environment, working in nature, and more. Soothing nature sounds accompany Chris’ narrations each episode.

Just the Zoo of Us

Just the Zoo of Us

Listen to ‘Just the Zoo of Us’

“Just the Zoo of Us” is a creative and educational series embracing the animal kingdom for listeners of all ages. Hosts Ellen and Christian Weatherford review different animal species and rate them out of 10 based on ingenuity, aesthetics, and effectiveness. The hosts are often joined by guests like anthropologist/cetologist Drew Smith, marine biologist Sophie Wolvin, and musician/comic artist/birder Tommy Siegel – just to name a few.

30 Animals That Made Us Smarter

Listen to ’30 Animals That Made Us Smarter’

BBC World Service’s “30 Animals That Made Us Smarter” shares incredible things we’ve learned from animals. Hear fascinating episodes on how the dragonfly inspired a spy drone, a solution to an environmental problem based on kingfisher’s eyelids, wasps and keyhole surgery, how moon jellyfish inspired a soft, underwater robot, and more. Tune in for over 60 episodes running less than 20 minutes on average.

Strange Animals Podcast

Listen to ‘Strange Animals Podcast’

On Katherine Shaw’s “Strange Animals Podcast,” learn about living, extinct, and imaginary animals. Past episodes covered wild ponies, the blobfish, the peregrine falcon, bat-winged dinosaurs, lobsters, the kunga, and mystery invertebrates in over 290 episodes.

Tooth & Claw: True Stories of Animal Attacks image

Tooth & Claw: True Tales of Animal Attacks

Listen to ‘Tooth & Claw: True Tales of Animal Attacks’

Want to hear about animal encounters gone wrong? Tune into “Tooth & Claw: True Stories of Animal Attacks” where wildlife biologist/animal behavior expert Wes Larson, his brother Jeff, and their friend Mike explain true stories of animal attacks and share tips to avoid them. Previous episodes covered a grizzly bear attack, an angry bison, a horrible fire ant experience, and the origins of the phrase, “A dingo ate my baby.”

Relax with Animal Facts

Relax with Animal Facts

Listen to ‘Relax with Animal Facts’

Stefan Wolfe’s “Relax with Animal Facts” is a soothing podcast bringing listeners across seas, jungles, and swamps to learn about animals. Check out over 100 topic-specific episodes on hermit crabs, the Tasmanian tiger, bumblebees, fireflies, raccoons, and more.

Nature Guys image

Nature Guys

Listen to ‘Nature Guys’

“Nature Guys” host Bob Staggenborg connects listeners to the outdoors on his podcast. Tune in for episodes on Yellowstone’s wolves, deer, wildflowers, Iceland’s volcanic eruption, and beyond. An episode discussed Cornell Lab’s Merlin App to help you identify bird calls. Guests like research ecologists, a National Park Service science communicator, and authors join Bob in semimonthly episodes.

Animals to the Max

Listen to ‘Animals to the Max’

Animal expert Corbin Maxey (as seen on the Today Show, Tonight Show, and Late Night) chats with guests about work in animal-related fields. They’ll share their adventures and passion for animals.

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