9 astrology podcasts to add to your rotation while Mercury is in retrograde

round up September 9, 2022

On September 9, 2022, Mercury starts its retrograde until October 2. If you’re interested in learning more about planetary transits, the cosmos, zodiac signs, and what might be written in your stars, check out our guide of astrology podcasts fit for avid birth chart readers, Co-Star app scourers, and astrology novices alike.

On our list, there are podcasts that analyze astrology through philosophical and historical lenses. If you’re looking for a more pop culture-based, comedic take on astrology, tune into a series finding connections between celebrity gossip, true crime events, and scandals. Hear episodes explaining myths about planetary retrogrades, lunations, eclipse patterns, horoscopes, and more on our list of astrology podcasts.

Reading the Stars with Antoni Bumba

Listen to ‘Reading the Stars with Antoni Bumba’

“Reading the Stars with Antoni Bumba” shares mythical, hilarious, and campy takes on varying topics each week centering around guests’ “Big Three” astrological signs. They’ll dive into astrology, fan questions, culture, and more in weekly episodes presented by Brat TV.

The Astrology Hub Podcast

Listen to ‘The Astrology Hub Podcast’

Host Amanda Pua Walsh chats with guests to guide listeners through life topics and astrological events in “The Astrology Hub Podcast.” Episodes interview guests about transits, the lunation cycle, and 2022’s themes. Episodes unpack myths behind Mercury’s retrograde cycles. There are episodes sharing info on how outer planets are different from inner planets, and tips on which signs work well together. The average length of episodes is an hour long, and you should start the series from its most recent episode.

Allegedly Astrology

Listen to ‘Allegedly Astrology’

Astrologer Dana DeFranco, Elyse Carlucci, and Sarah Dembkowski host the comedy series, “Allegedly Astrology,” and they’re drawing all kinds of connections between pop culture and the universe. It’s a podcast discussing celebrities, true crime, scandals, and current events and finding out how they line up with astrological events. They’ll pinpoint relationships like Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian and explain planets’ roles in their lives while exploring their birth charts. Hear their Free Britney episodes, ones on cases like JonBenet Ramsey, and events like the Salem Witch Trials. There are episodes on Theranos and the Elizabeth Holmes trial, royal family drama, and Roe v. Wade. For super-fun, astro-savvy banter, stream the series in any order.

The Astrology Podcast

Listen to ‘The Astrology Podcast’

“The Astrology Podcast” shares more than horoscopes, diving into historical, philosophical, and technical topics like virtual reality, artificial intelligence, consciousness, and more in episodes over an hour long. Host Chris Brennan released an in-depth yearly horoscope forecast last week. Astrologer Adam Sommer stopped by the show to explore bitcoin, the metaverse, mythology, Pluto, and more.

The Accessible Astrology Podcast

Listen to ‘The Accessible Astrology Podcast’

Since 2016, “The Accessible Astrology Podcast” is hosted by Eugenia Krok, MA, an astrologer trained in psychotherapy. Episodes cover the connection between nature and humans’ personalities. Stream the series in any order to hear about nodes, zodiac signs, and yearly transits.

The Stellium Astrology Podcast

Listen to ‘The Stellium Astrology Podcast’

“The Stellium Astrology Podcast” is hosted by astrologer Stefanie James, who used to write horoscopes for Elle Magazine. Episodes examine natal Mercury in retrograde, and what it means if you have it in your birth chart. Stefanie also shares advice on topics like parenting and ethical practice in astrology. In December, Stefanie interviewed a medical astrologer about using natal charts’ info to tune into the body and create custom wellness programs.

Weirdly Cosmic

Listen to ‘Weirdly Cosmic’

“Weirdly Cosmic” is hosted by author and “Cosmic Owl” Louise Edington to share about all things astrology on episodes filled with insight and guests. Hear episodes on lunar and solar events, numerology, tarot cards, and more. So far, the series has released over 95 episodes, running under a hour each.

Ghost of a Podcast: Astrology + Advice with Jessica Lanyadoo

Listen to ‘Ghost of a Podcast: Astrology + Advice with Jessica Lanyadoo’

“Ghost of a Podcast: Astrology + Advice with Jessica Lanyadoo” offers advice and guidance in weekly episodes. The first half of episodes are dedicated to answering listeners’ questions. Then, Jessica dives into astrological weather reports for the upcoming week. She’ll get into planetary activity and the kinds of impact it could have on your sign. Check out over 240 episodes from the most recent release for updates, under an hour on average.

Your Daily Astrology and Horoscope Forecast with Kelli Fox

Listen to ‘Your Daily Astrology and Horoscope Forecast with Kelli Fox’

“Your Daily Astrology and Horoscope Forecast with Kelli Fox” presents weekly and monthly overview horoscopes for your sign. You’ll hear updates on astro-weather, astrological events like eclipses and new moons, retrograde patterns, and more. Check out the most recent episodes running less than 15 minutes on average.

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