A noir, a murder case, a con artist, and more: 8 fictional detective drama podcasts solving mysteries

Fiction October 24, 2022

We’ve rounded up several fictional detective drama podcasts for true crime fans or anyone who loves to hear an investigation unfold. There are so many compelling stories on our list filled with unexpected twists and turns.

Hear a fictional comedy examining a TV producer con artist‘s swift getaway and case investigation. In another series, a podcast host teams up with a victim’s son to investigate a murder and find the real killer. There’s a YA-friendly whodunit for listeners of all ages when students search for their missing classmate.

In another series, an investigative journalist returns home to tackle his own trauma while exposing corruption. Tune into a noir audio drama set in 1955 that follows a private eye’s life in Los Angeles and many more bingeable detective drama podcasts.

The Sheridan Tapes image

The Sheridan Tapes

Listen to ‘The Sheridan Tapes’

After famous horror writer Anna Sheridan disappears in 2018, Detective Sam Bailey investigates and pieces the mystery together from recordings and other clues left behind. Detective Bailey soon realizes something strange and dangerous is lurking, as we’ll hear the investigation in over 50 episodes. “The Sheridan Tapes” is presented by Homestead on the Corner.

The Angel of Vine podcast art

The Angel of Vine

Listen to ‘The Angel of Vine’

In iHeartPodcasts’ “The Angel of Vine,” a modern journalist finds a private eye’s audio tapes from the 1950s. That detective cracked an unsolved murder case in Hollywood and told no one. What will the modern journalist do with this information? This series stars Joe Manganiello, Alfred Molina, Constance Zimmer, Alan Tudyk, Camilla Luddington, Mike Colter, Misha Collins, Khary Payton, Nolan North, and Oliver Vaquer.

Dead Air

Listen to ‘Dead Air’

When a true crime podcast host gets a call with startling news about a decades-old murder, the host and the victim’s son team up to search for answers. Allegedly, the person sent to prison for the crime is innocent. In Realm’s “Dead Air,” their investigation dredges up the past, and they consider if finding the real killer is worth it. Start from episode 1 to hear the compelling story unfold over 2 seasons.

This Sounds Serious

This Sounds Serious

Listen to ‘This Sounds Serious’

Kirk Todd was set to direct his first film in 1991, but disappeared with the film’s budget and his true identity was revealed. Kirk was a con artist whose real name was Jeremy Weaver. Host Gwen Radford looks for the victims and traced his con over 30 years later in this comedy fiction series, presented by Kelly & Kelly.

Maxine Miles image

Maxine Miles

Listen to ‘Maxine Miles’

iHeartPodcasts’ “Maxine Miles” is a young adult-friendly whodunit with some choose-your-own adventure fun. Created by Lauren Shippen, this podcast starts in autumn 1997. In Hastings, New Hampshire, it’s time for pumpkin patches, farmer’s markets, and apple cider. But 15-year-old Maxine has more important things to do. When her classmate disappears, she and her friend Ross investigate. They’re brought into the woods around Hastings and find themselves fully entrenched in the town’s secrets.

Undertow: A Dark Tome Story

Undertow: A Dark Tome Story

Listen to ‘Undertow: A Dark Tome Story’

In Realm’s “Undertow: A Dark Tome Story,” investigative journalist Tony Baxter returns home and wants to expose corruption, a journey that takes an unexpected turn and uncovers secrets from his past. An investigation brings him to Malleus Corporation’s sketchy investment in the town, and he’s hurled down a dangerous path. Along with his friend Sonia Proud, Tony tackles his past traumas, and must yield to Simpson Falls’ malevolent forces. They might not be able to escape.

Rex Rivetter image

Rex Rivetter: Private Eye

Listen to ‘Rex Rivetter: Private Eye’

Downstairs Entertainment presents “Rex Rivetter: Private Eye,” a drama set in 1955’s downtown Los Angeles. Home to private eye Rex Rivetter, the City of Angels’ seedy side sees pimps, narcotics dealers, organized crime, cons, and fancy folk. Stream this noir radio drama’s 4 seasons from the beginning.

Unwell podcast art

Unwell, a Midwestern Gothic Mystery

Listen to ‘Unwell, a Midwestern Gothic Mystery’

From HartLife NFP comes “Unwell, a Midwestern Gothic Mystery.” Lillian Harper moves to Ohio to care for her injured mother and lives in the town’s boarding house. Her family has operated this home for generations, and upon moving in, she learns about conspiracies, ghosts, and the house’s odd residents. Stream all 4 seasons from the very beginning.

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