Join the search party of a missing teen: listeners will be able to dictate the ending of new supernatural fiction podcast ‘Maxine Miles’

Fiction March 1, 2022
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There are few places more beautiful than Hastings, New Hampshire come autumn. The sleepy, New England town is proud of its idyllic Americana aura, especially in October. Only this year, 1997, that’s about to change. When the town hall is vandalized by graffiti, Hastings’ most precocious freshman, 14-year-old “Maxine Miles,” is on the case. She is sure that it was a varsity athlete Cody Thompson and his girlfriend Jenna who did it. Only, the investigation takes a much more sinister twist when their friend Riley Stevens vanishes.

Together, Max and her misanthropic friend Ross set out to find what happened. The mystery draws them deeper and deeper into the dark woods surrounding Hastings, discovering that the quiet town has been permeated by secrets and lies that have been shrouded in the thicket. Among the suspects are an overly-zealous and deeply traditional mayor, an eccentric new face from New York City, high school students with typical high school drama, and a whole lot of seemingly-innocent townsfolk. But who has the darkest secret of them all?

“Maxine Miles” is a new young adult fiction podcast created by Lauren Shippen and produced by Atypical Artists and iHeartPodcasts. Shippen is a veteran in the fictional podcast sphere, her credits include creating “The Bright Sessions” and head writing for “Bridgewater,” both sci-fi/supernatural mystery fiction podcasts. Episodes so far have been half an hour long, and there will be at least 10 episodes released.

Besides being another incredible offering from the Lauren Shippen, complete with earnest yet flawed characters, immersive sound design, and an enthralling supernatural mystery, “Maxine Miles” is bringing something new to the table. If you go to, listeners are able to sign up for a newsletter to get weekly updates on Max and Ross’s investigation board as it changes week to week. Also, Atypical Artists will be posting close-ups of each new clue on their Tumblr and Instagram.

During the ninth episode of this podcast, listeners will be presented with three possibilities for how the story ends. Whichever ending is the most popular among the listeners will be the 10th chapter, and while Riley’s fate will remain the same amongst all possible endings, the consequences will not be. Which consequently, will segue us into the second season of “Maxine Miles.”

All young adult fans, those who want to dictate a podcasts’ ending, and people who cannot wait for fall to roll back around should definitely tune into “Maxine Miles.”

Listen to ‘Maxine Miles’

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