FBI manhunts, drug kingpins, and double lives: 8 podcasts like ‘Wolves Among Us’

True Crime October 29, 2022

C13Originals’ “Wolves Among Us” is an anthology series about Larry Lavin, a former Philadelphia dentist who became a cocaine kingpin. This series shares his experiences from 1978 to 1984 when he rose as one of the greatest kingpins on the Eastern Seaboard and topped the FBI’s most wanted fugitives list. On the podcast, Lavin tells his story in his own words along with his friends, business associates, drug runners, and law enforcement. 

If you enjoyed “Wolves Among Us,” we’ve rounded up several similar podcasts. Hear about fugitives, drug cartel leaders, people uncovering shocking secrets about their family members, and more true crime. In “Real Narcos,” DEA agents spill the beans on how they helped take down some of the most notorious drug kingpins.

The Syndicate

The Syndicate

Listen to ‘The Syndicate’

College friends worked around Colorado’s medical marijuana laws and created one of the most successful drug smuggling runs in America until a drug mule turned. This 10-episode series from Imperative examines this story filled with buried cash, sibling rivalries, DEA moles, an exploding lab, and takes a look at how America’s black market thrives. 

Real Narcos

Real Narcos

Listen to ‘Real Narcos’

NOISER’s “Real Narcos” speaks with DEA agents who helped bring down some of the history’s most infamous drug kingpins like Pablo Escobar, El Chapo, Barry Seal, the King of Cocaine, and more. Over 20 episodes are now streaming.

In the Red Clay

In the Red Clay

Listen to ‘In the Red Clay’

Imperative Entertainment’s “In the Red Clay” shares Billy Sunday Birt’s story and criminal enterprises. Once deemed the most dangerous man in Georgia, this podcast chronicles Billy’s story, speaks with his son, and unearths new secrets about the Dixie Mafia.  


Listen to ‘Chapo’

When Sinaloa’s cartel leader Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán went on trial, VICE News investigated the case and shared stories from people experiencing the drug war firsthand. Hear from folks involved in the U.S. and Mexico, learn about El Chapo’s 2019 trial in Brooklyn, and more.

Infamous America

Listen to ‘Infamous America’

Noiser’s “Infamous America” spotlights gangsters, mobsters, scandals, unexplained phenomena, and manhunts. Learn about America’s dark past in episodes about the Miami Drug Wars, the Lufthansa Heist, old-school cowboy Claude Dallas, criminal John Dillinger, and more in 22 seasons.

Underworld Podcast

The Underworld Podcast

Listen to ‘The Underworld Podcast’

Journalists Danny Gold and Sean Williams expose secret networks that affect our lives. On PodcastOne’s “The Underworld Podcast,” the co-hosts report on thieves, mobs, criminal organizations, and dangerous people. Learn stories about Felix Mitchell, the drug lord that took on The Black Panthers, Chechen Mobsters, Colombia’s Narco-Soccer, and more.

Standoff podcast art


Listen to ‘Standoff’

Imperative’s “Standoff” chronicles Fred Gómez Carrasco’s story – a cartel kingpin and the man behind Huntsville, Texas’ prison siege in 1974. What followed was one of the worst hostage crises in America that unfolded over 11 days. This podcast shares some audio from the real hostage situation, negotiations, and the shoot-out that followed. Season 1’s 10 episodes are now streaming.

Relative Unknown

Relative Unknown

Listen to ‘Relative Unknown’

For nearly 40 years, Jackee Taylor has been hidden by the Witness Protection Program. When an odd and violent event unveils secrets, she’s eager to learn more about herself, her family, and past. Jackee embarks on a quest and finds herself in 1970s Cleveland, one of the nation’s most dangerous cities. She learns that her relative is a killer, sociopath, informant, and former member of a powerful motorcycle club and shared her findings on C13Originals’ “Relative Unknown.

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