Listening to the ‘Boss Lady Energy Podcast’ is like having raw conversations with your besties

Society & Culture November 17, 2021
Listen to ‘Boss Lady Energy Podcast’

Why be cookie-cutter when you can be a boss lady? Friends Courtney Tezeno, Kristen Maughan, and Nikki Hendry break the mold and host “Boss Lady Energy Podcast,” a series connecting with people around the world and hosting unfiltered conversations on life, culture, mental health, and more relatable topics you’re probably already discussing with your besties. This series proves “you can have it all without having to BE it all,” as explored in episodes covering a variety of topics by the diverse hosts.

The podcast’s episodes are a mix of family, friends, relationships, and fun. Courtney, Kristen, and Nikki dive into pop culture news, race, womanhood, mental health, and wellness, and are often joined by guest “Boss Ladies.”

In the “Normalize Outfit Repeating” episode, the hosts discussed the social-media fueled stigma around wearing the same outfit. The “Rant and Rave” episodes dish on what’s on their minds, from home renovation to the TV shows you need to be watching ASAP. “How Perspective Influences Expectations” was a recent episode unpacking how these factors can make relationships difficult. In the “Imposter Syndrome” episode, listeners hear how the “Boss Ladies” struggled with self-doubt and how they manage their feelings. They dug into friendships and frenemies in a two-part episode.

“Boss Lady Energy Podcast” hosts recently stopped by Podsauce to chat with Alesha and Dax. The hosts are friends of Dax’s, so it was a fab interview. Dax and Alesha listened to the “Check In On Your Strong Friends” episode, and they all agreed on how important it is to reach out to friends no matter how okay they appear to be.

Courtney, Kristen, and Nikki are all avid podcast fans and shared what they’re listening to. Courtney learns from “The Homecoming Podcast with Dr. Thema,” an informative tool to guide your personal journey. Kristen likes the spiritual podcast, “Under the Skin with Russell Brand.” Nikki tunes into “Higher Learning with Van Lathan and Rachel Lindsay,” a society and culture podcast.

Podsauce’s Alesha Reneé was a guest on “Boss Lady Energy Podcast,” and they talked about finding strength to persevere. Alesha shared how she prioritizes mental health while navigating the career-driven world of showbiz. Social media expert and CEO of PinkDear LLC Heather Pink recently explained how to build a brand and engage with your Internet community.

“Boss Lady Energy Podcast” found that their recurring “What We Wish We Knew…” themed episodes resonate with listeners. The hosts share wisdom from their lives, such as advice they wish they were given in their 20s. The hosts shared some highlights from this episode with Podsauce.

Join the “Boss Lady Energy Podcast” on Mondays for new episodes.

Listen to ‘Boss Lady Energy Podcast’

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