What on earth is a dogfluencer? Entrepreneurs and innovators share their biggest quandaries on ‘What’s Your Problem?’

Business April 8, 2022
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Jacob Goldstein is sitting down with entrepreneurs and engineers each week to air their problems and discuss anything standing in the way of their foreseeable futures. “What’s Your Problem?” is investigating what business owners and innovators still need to do to reach their goals. Whether developing new technology or crossing current bridges through trial and error, this podcast illuminates how these guests are going to change the world once they tackle fundamental questions in a new frontier – scenarios no one on Earth has yet solved.

How does a drone delivery service built in Rwanda work in the States? Can you entice people to buy homes on the internet? What happens when the pandemic affects the global supply chain and thousands of dog ramps still need to be sold? Dogfluencers? These are the kinds of fascinating questions Jacob unpacks with guests all season.

Stream “What’s Your Problem?” in any order with guest-specific episodes. Since March, the average episode runs less than 30 minutes. We’ll hear stories of pioneering, building niche businesses from the ground up, and the obstacles they’re facing.

AI is changing the automotive landscape, but can cars be taught to think like, and understand, humans? Zoox’s CEO Aicha Evans is hoping to solve this quandary and designing cars that can safely navigate and handle 4-way stops. Even with all the advancements in AI, it lags in predicting human drivers’ behavior. This is one of the main issues the car industry and Aicha need to solve to build self-driving cars.

We remember when Amazon announced plans for drone-based deliveries but did not implement the technology for a variety of reasons. Keenan Wyrobek co-founded Zipline, an active drone delivery service in Ghana and Rwanda. But it’s not as simple to bring Zipline or any drone delivery service to America, as explored in an episode.

Jacob previously hosted NPR’s “Planet Money” and penned the book, Money. “What’s Your Problem?” is presented by Pushkin Industries. Tune in for new, weekly episodes.

Listen to ‘What’s Your Problem?’

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